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Hidden Technology: The Future of Home Entertainment

Enjoy the Best Entertainment Without Marring Your Home’s Design

Hidden Technology: The Future of Home Entertainment

Declutter, minimalism, and mindfulness are the practices sweeping the nation. For many, this translates to a lifestyle in which technology is kept to a minimum. After all, how do TVs, speakers, wall-sized screens, and projectors align with keeping a home and mind clutter-free?

Fortunately, leading audio-video manufacturers realized the importance of maintaining a home’s aesthetics. In response, hidden technology was born. Today, as AV advancements emerge, your entertainment devices can disappear entirely when not used, reappearing with the touch of a button.

Let’s explore the possibilities and how this technology is transforming homes in Snoqualmie, WA.

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A Whole-Home Audio System

Music is an integral part of nearly everyone’s lives, no matter if you’re a minimalist or Marie Kondo, the renowned tidying-up expert. So, how do you bring this medium that informs our moods and enhances any gathering into your home without disruption? The answer lies in a whole-home audio system.

These systems bring breathtaking, detailed music to one or every room and even into your outdoor spaces. All your audio equipment is gathered up and placed in a closet—bye-bye clutter.

Then, our AV experts at Wipliance strategically install in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that receive audio signals from your closeted equipment. These speakers provide balanced, crystal-clear music and can disappear into walls or blend in with the surroundings. Today, some speakers even look like sculptures or small aperture lights.

Do you want to take this incredible audio outdoors? We’ll install satellite speakers that look like landscape lights. You manage your entire system from a high-resolution touchscreen that also incorporates all the top music streaming services.

TVs Transformed

Today’s popular OLED TVs can reach sizes nearing 100 inches. While nearly everyone would enjoy the incredible experience of viewing these technological wonders, almost no one wants one front-and-center in their home. Even smaller displays can be seen as eye sores.

Manufacturers have developed numerous creative solutions, from TVs looking like paintings to ones resembling mirrors. Transparent TVs are another high-tech solution hitting the market, designed to satisfy the demand for larger displays that don’t take over the living room. We can also hide TVs behind paintings and custom paneling as well as in ceilings, floors, or custom furniture.

The Light Switch

While a far cry from disturbing a home’s environment in the same way as the latest AV equipment, the light switch is ubiquitous. Today’s lighting systems offer a much better approach, replacing the light switch with beautiful, custom-engraved backlit keypads. 

These keypads are inscribed with the activities that make up your day, such as dining, relaxing, reading, cooking, and entertaining. Press the corresponding button, and the lighting transforms into the perfect illumination for the occasion. 

Are you ready to embrace technology without marring your home’s design? At Wipliance, we’ve been helping our clients incorporate state-of-the-art audio, video, and home automation technology for 18 years while always maintaining or enhancing their home’s aesthetics. To learn more about the latest hidden technology or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.