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How a Smart Lighting Company Transforms Outdoor Spaces

Extend Golden Hour All Night with an Outdoor Lighting Design

How a Smart Lighting Company Transforms Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor lighting is about more than safety and security (although that’s important, of course). Tastefully designed landscape lights accentuate your home and outdoor areas in an all-new light, bringing comfort and warmth to areas that otherwise would be hidden in shadows. And as we head into winter, creating a warmer atmosphere is more important than ever.

To achieve such luxurious outdoor lighting, you’ll need more than a porch light or pair of string lights. Partnering with a smart lighting company like Wipliance in Medina, WA, provides a tailored design and installation that lets you customize the mood anytime.

Here’s our process behind designing, installing, and programming outdoor smart lighting!

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Why Outdoor Lighting Design?

It’s our primal instinct to feel uncomfortable in the dark. Lighting is everything, and how brightness levels and color are applied to outdoor spaces directly impact your mood.

Outdoor lighting design creates a soft entry to your home while accentuating key architectural details, edges, and plants. A great landscape lighting design isn’t about being super bright but, instead, comfortable. In outdoor living areas like the patio, we’ll create a warm embrace of light that illuminates the perimeter and highlights materials like wood and stone.

You can see the beautiful effects of lighting design in our video with Light Can Help You!

The Design Process

To begin, we’ll create a sketch of your property, marking where each light fixture will ideally be placed. We’ll generate lighting zones that can be intelligently controlled in groups and will consider lighting layers of task, ambient, and accent lights. We’ll also estimate distances for wiring and where the low-voltage transformer will go.

Selecting the Right Fixtures

Choosing the perfect lighting fixtures is just as important as the design. We partner with some of the world’s leading outdoor lighting brands, like Coastal Source, known for its durable, long-lasting fixtures. From sconces to step lights, Coastal Source offers weatherproof LED lights that blend into their surroundings and smart lighting control options.

Installation & Wiring

Once the plan’s in place and fixtures have arrived, it’s time for the Wipliance team to install the outdoor lights and wire them to the transformer and control system. When possible, we’ll trench wires underground or apply a cable management system with raceways or moldings to hide cables.

Integrated Smart Control

Creating a welcoming ambiance goes beyond light fixtures; it also concerns the way you control your outdoor lights. Sleek wall keypads and dimmers will illuminate your surroundings and provide pre-programmed color palettes and brightness levels tailored to specific times of the day. Want to change the outdoor lights to fun holiday colors? Take out your lighting control app and adjust the LED lights with your fingertips.

Imagine a single touch adjusting outdoor motorized shades, setting the perfect outdoor lighting ambiance, and seamlessly activating your entire outdoor audio system to serenade you with your favorite tunes. Wipliance proudly collaborates with industry leader Lutron, utilizing their state-of-the-art HomeWorks and RadioRA 3 control systems to craft breathtaking solutions.

Ready for Outdoor Lighting Control?

Bring breathtaking lighting to your outdoor areas by partnering with Wipliance, Medina and Bellevue’s premier smart lighting company. Contact us here to get started today!