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How Can Smart Technology Help Get You Ready for Fall and Winter?

Enjoy a Warmer, Safer, Happier Home with These Ideas from Our Smart Home Consultants

How Can Smart Technology Help Get You Ready for Fall and Winter?

With seasonal changes come routine changes, too. Now that summer is ending soon, it’s time to transition to new schedules and prepare for cooler temperatures in Washington. This fall, let smart home technology lend a helping hand in getting you ready for the new season.

As a leading smart home consultant serving Issaquah and the greater Seattle area, Wipliance is committed to delivering custom solutions that make your life more convenient, safe, and enjoyable in any season. Keep reading for some creative ways you can use smart home technology and automation to make your days easier as we head into autumn. Get inspired below!

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Keep a Toasty Home with Smart Climate Control

Smart thermostats help you maintain the perfect level of comfort without lifting a finger! Take advantage of advanced presets and scheduling to keep a toasty home in the most efficient way possible. Your thermostats can set to eco-mode when you leave and warm your home minutes before you arrive. Remotely monitor and adjust temperature settings and receive alerts if something doesn’t seem right.

Keep warm air indoors by pairing your thermostats with motorized honeycomb shades by Lutron. Insulating honeycomb shades are designed to prevent heat from escaping so you can stay comfortable longer while boosting energy efficiency. Open them with a button tap on sunny days to let solar heat warm your home and automate them to lower on their own when a room starts to get cool.


Adjust to a New Sleep Schedule with Tunable Lighting

Summer routines are notorious for being unrigid. Vacations, summer camps, no school, and long days keep kids and adults up later, throwing sleep schedules out the window. When it’s time to get back to a structured routine in the fall, tunable lighting control can help make the transition easier.

Ketra tunable LEDs bring the nourishing benefits of natural light indoors by shifting in intensity and color temperature to mimic daylight changes from morning to night. Even as the days become shorter in the fall, Ketra lighting adapts to the changing times of sunrise and sunset. Stay focused with bright, cool-white light during the late morning and afternoon and wind down with dim, amber hues in the evening.


Extend Your Patio Pastimes with Outdoor Audio and Heaters

You spend time and money maintaining your outdoor living spaces, so why should they be neglected when the weather changes? Extend your time outside in cooler weather with the right technology.

An outdoor sound system is a perfect addition to any backyard in any season. Our landscape audio solutions deliver rich sound in small and large spaces while staying hidden among your greenery. Plus, they withstand the harshest elements, including sleet, snow, and below-freezing temperatures.

Add sleek infrared patio heaters by Infratech keep the party going all evening long! Infratech heaters emit clean, safe wavelengths of light that are only absorbed by solid objects, transferring heat to you, your furniture, and the ground rather than the air so that heat doesn’t get blown away.


Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Property as You Travel

If you travel to warmer climates in the fall and winter, keep an eye on your Washington home with a Control4 home automation system. Using the Control4 mobile app, quickly check on the status of your lights, locks, alarm system, thermostats, and more to ensure everything looks as it should. If you left a light on or forgot to adjust the temperature, make changes with ease inside the app!

With Control4, you can also lean on alerts that let you know when an event occurs. Set alerts for virtually anything: an unlocked door, detected movement in the front yard, a water leak, a delivered package, and more. Control4 keeps you connected no matter where you are.


For all your smart home needs, partner with Wipliance, your local award-winning home technology integrator. We’d love to help you discover the solutions that work best for your lifestyle this season and in every season. To get started, contact us here or chat with our team below.

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