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How to Beat the Wait Times for Your Anticipated Smart Home Tech

Plan Your Projects Early with Our Smart Home Consultants

How to Beat the Wait Times for Your Anticipated Smart Home Tech

Over the last several months, products from cars to game consoles to home appliances have hit a supply snag. Tech across all industries, including custom integration, is low in stock but high in demand, making it hard for homeowners to get the products they want—especially as we enter the holiday season.

You might be asking: What’s causing the shortage of popular home technology and AV products in Seattle, WA, and beyond? What can a homeowner do to combat the long wait times for their anticipated projects? Our smart home consultants at Wipliance weigh in below.

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What’s Causing the Supply Chain Shortage?

The long answer to this question is complex, so we’ll keep it simple. Remember when toilet paper vanished at the beginning of last year? Demand was unprecedently high as people prepared for extended stays at home, and supply couldn’t keep up as production and distribution came to a halt.

A similar situation is happening with technology.

At the height of the pandemic, manufacturers ramped down production in anticipation of low demand. Now, the shift to at-home work and school and an increase in home improvement projects have caused a demand spike for smart home devices, home office technology, and home entertainment gear like speakers and TVs. Manufacturers are left playing catch-up.

Contributing to this supply shortage is a low reserve of necessary microchips that are required to produce these technologies. Plus, shippers like FedEx and UPS are facing an unprecedented volume of deliveries amid the e-commerce surge and staff shortages, further delaying product deliveries.

How Can You Combat Order Delays?

The reality is that the global supply shortage of home technology products likely won’t disappear anytime soon. So, what does this mean for homeowners who have new smart home products and improvement projects on their wish lists?

The best way to combat potential delays in getting the technology solutions you want is twofold. First, work with a smart home consultant like Wipliance, who is continuously assessing market dynamics and can recommend the best plan forward for your needs. Second, start planning now!

As an experienced home technology installer, the Wipliance team is well versed in the industry’s supply and demand trends. We can consult you on what’s available and what’s on backorder, recommend reliable alternatives for out-of-stock products, and help plan and expedite your smart home project so that you can enjoy your technology as soon as possible. The key is coming to us early.

Get Ahead on Your Seasonal Projects

Don’t wait until November to think about a new Sony TV installation or home theater upgrade for the holidays. Instead, it’s best to get ahead and contact the Wipliance team for assistance now to ensure a faster turnaround for all your anticipated seasonal projects. Whatever your smart home project, we want to help you make it a reality—and the sooner you plan, the sooner we can make it happen.

While we can’t guarantee that early planning will cure all supply shortage concerns, it’s still the most effective step you can take to receiving the home technology and entertainment solutions you want this season. So, let’s get to planning!

Contact Wipliance for all your custom technology needs, from smart lighting control and motorized shades to home theater installation, whole-home technology integration, and more. Book a free consultation by filling out our contact form or messaging us in the chat box below.

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