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How to Create a Tech-Savvy Condo without Compromising Space

Make Your Condo Your Own with Concealed and Clutter-Free Entertainment and Home Automation

How to Create a Tech-Savvy Condo without Compromising Space

Seattle city life provides several advantages over suburbia. Cheaper transportation, bustling nightlife, and eclectic restaurants are just to name a few. Often, however, city condos are smaller and more compact than suburban homes and lack some options for personalization.

Even so, you don’t have to settle for less when it comes to your home entertainment and smart technology needs. Our team at Wipliance can help you design a tech-savvy condo with concealed components, cabling, and controls that add to the beauty and functionality of your space.

Read on to explore our custom design and installation solutions for your home audio system, TV displays, shading, and smart home control keypads.

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In-Wall Speakers and Camouflaged TVs

Quality speakers don’t have to take up lots of room on your floors and shelves. You can enjoy high-fidelity sound without sacrificing space with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers instead. Our architectural speakers install flush with your surfaces, and exposed grilles are painted to match your wall colors.

TV displays that double as mirrors and artwork help you save wall space while adding some flair to your condo. Instead of looking like a big black eyesore on the wall, your turned-off TV can disguise itself as a beautifully framed mirror, a colorful painting, or blend right into the wall behind it. Our team partners with Séura and Samsung to provide Seattle residents with stunning 4K UHD TVs in various sizes that transform into an organic part of your living space when not in use.

Centralized Media Control

Enjoy music and video entertainment anywhere in your home that has connected speakers and displays without the need for source components at every location. A distributed AV system gives you instant access to popular streaming services like Spotify and Netflix as well as your private media collection from a single controller, so you can do away with a pile of remotes and one-to-one setups throughout your living space.

All your components will be neatly stored away on a media rack that stays out of sight, leaving only a clean installation of flush-mounted TV displays and speakers. From a customized remote, your smartphone, or a touch panel, select the room in which you want to listen to music or watch a show, and then select your media preference. Then easily distribute that selection to multiple rooms in just a tap.

Designer Shades and Keypads

Though most homeowners understand the benefits of motorized shading, many think they’re limited in styles. We’re here to bust this myth. Wipliance partners with several industry-leading motorized window treatment manufacturers that design blinds, drapes, and shades in various colors, fabrics, and styles. You can even work with our design team to customize your shading for sophisticated motorized window treatments that speak to your taste and complement your condo.

On-wall multi-button keypads are a convenient and tactile way to control the smart technology throughout your condo, whether it’s your shading, lighting, audio, thermostat, or a combination of them all. They also replace tacky one-to-one switches and come in a variety of styles and finishes to add to your condo’s aesthetic.

Keep your keypads discreet by selecting a color and finish that perfectly blend with your walls or add a pop of color by selecting a contrasting finish instead. Keypads can be installed flush with your surfaces or atop your surfaces for extra texture. Choose rectangular or square styles, custom engraved buttons, and other bespoke details like backlighting.

Wipliance is here to help make your beautiful condo smarter without compromising space and décor. We’ll work with you to strategically organize and install wiring for audio and video, shading, lighting, and more to ensure the optimal placement of every solution for a clean design. To schedule a free consultation with us for a future project, contact our team here or send us a live chat below.

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