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How We Design & Build Dream Home Theaters

Experience the Difference with a Professional Home Theater Designer

As you can imagine, almost everyone envisions their dream home theater a little differently. Some folks want an ultra-modern and minimalistic cinema with room to entertain guests. Others prefer a retro, Old Hollywood-style theater. 

That’s where Wipliance comes in. As a custom home theater designer serving Coeur d’Alene, ID, for over 15 years, we’ve watched the home cinema landscape transform, and we help bring our client’s imaginations to life. 

We partner with the best audio, video, lighting, seating, and acoustic paneling companies to provide our clients a custom theater that exceeds their expectations—and outperforms commercial movie theaters. The first step is a site survey and deep dive into your vision and how you’ll use the space. Then we create the home theater of your dreams. 

Let’s see how it’s done.

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The Design

This is where your imagination takes hold, and we explore the nearly limitless possibilities. A few examples include theaters that embrace the art deco design or more modern, sleek décor. Some serve as multipurpose rooms, with bars, pool tables, and a game room, while others have elevated rows of seating. 

The Seating

Seating has changed dramatically over the course of the home theater evolution. Today, these spaces embrace custom ergonomically designed seating, providing optimum comfort. Some homeowners envision tiered movie seating and reclining chairs. Others enjoy sectionals, cuddle seats, chaise lounges, and gaming chairs. Our technicians ensure the viewing angles and sight lines offer optimum conditions, no matter the type of seating.

The Equipment

The latest projectors and screens offer the immersive cinematic experience once reserved for commercial cinemas. Movie screens are designed for your unique setting based on the ambient light level, the distance from the projector, and how the room is used. It must occupy your field of vision to create a truly immersive experience.

Today, 4K and 8K laser home projectors provide three-dimensional depth and stunning colors that bring you into the center of the scene. When accompanied by Dolby Atmos object-based audio that envelops the listener in a 3D bubble of sound, you find the sensory content so real that you suspend your disbelief. You’re in the center of the storm-tossed sea, with waves crashing around and above you. Or in the depths of a dungeon, hearing every creak and whisper surrounding you. 

The Automation

There’s virtually no limit to what a home automation system can control in your home theater. Open the doors, and the wall sconces and fiber optic galaxy ceiling illuminate. Tap the “Movie Night” button on a remote or touchscreen, and the shades lower, the lights dim, and the movie begins. Press “Intermission," and a soft trail of LED lights illuminate a safe passageway to the doors while the kitchen and hallway lights turn on. If you can imagine it, we can create it. 


At Wipliance, we specialize in custom one-touch technology and home theater design and installation. To learn about the many options in today’s home theaters or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.


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