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Improve Security with a Whole-Home Lighting Control System

Outsmart Criminals with Smart Lighting Controls

Improve Security with a Whole-Home Lighting Control System

The reasons homeowners invest in a whole-home lighting control system are varied. Most want them because of the comfort and convenience they add to daily life. We agree that the ease they add to routines and how lighting can enhance a mood are excellent benefits. However, one reason that is sometimes overlooked is the value whole-home lighting adds to the overall security of your home.

Continue reading for ways a lighting control system can help protect your Phoenix, AZ, home.

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Programmed to Match Daily Routines

Criminals are pretty smart and can quickly identify the old “lights on a timer” trick that homeowners have used for decades to keep things safe while away. Within just a few days of watching your residence, they will quickly uncover the pattern of your timers and watch closely for signs of life.

So, how do you outsmart those prying eyes while you’re away? With a whole-home lighting control system, you can replicate lights to respond to a typical daily schedule. Perhaps it starts at 6:00 a.m. when your bathroom light turns on. Followed by 6:30 a.m. when the stairway, kitchen, and living room lights also turn on as you would typically move around the house.

By replicating your daily routine with lighting throughout your home, you will make criminals question your presence just enough for them to stay away.

Integrate Lights with Security Systems

You may also have an integrated security system with a smart home control system that could use the programmed lights. For example, installing motion-triggered lights outside your home by the doors, a pathway, the garage, and the driveway can help to distract potential threats. Using your security system functionality, you could receive an alert while away if your motion lights are activated and then access your live security camera footage to see if the potential threat is any threat at all. Motion-activated lighting also helps security cameras record a sharper image, as sometimes nighttime recordings are grainy.

Safely Walk at Night

If you have a large backyard, it may be challenging to navigate it at night. Landscaping, stairways, a pool, or other features that could require special care when walking around, can be illuminated with outdoor lighting to provide a safer path. Additionally, if nocturnal animals prefer your backyard, motion-sensor lighting may be just enough to scare them away from your prized plants.

Welcome Home

Entering a dark home at night can put goosebumps on anyone’s arms, especially if you’ve been gone for an extended time. So instead of worrying about what’s around each corner, come home to a well-lit residence by using your whole-home lighting control system to illuminate rooms before you even walk through the door. 

Home safety is a concern of any homeowner, and a whole-home lighting control system can provide additional peace of mind that your property is protected. To learn more about home lighting control options, please contact us for more information.