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Introducing Lumaris: Lutron’s New Smart Tape Light

The First Professional-Grade Tunable Tape Lighting Solution

Introducing Lumaris: Lutron’s New Smart Tape Light

LED tape lights have become a popular lighting design motif in recent years, appearing in many homes across Washington. The flexible, thin LED strips add a touch of light under cabinets, around mirrors and TVs, and inside bookshelves—virtually anywhere you want. But to date, controlling tape light has been its own issue. There hasn’t been a simple, sophisticated way to intelligently control tape lights—until Lumaris. 

Lumaris is Lutron’s first tape lighting solution that allows users to remotely adjust the color temperature and intensity, creating a range of moods and effects. As a Lutron dealer in the Liberty Lake, WA, area, Wipliance can provide your home with Lutron and other smart lighting solutions

Learn how Lumaris works and get inspired below! 

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Customizable Color & Brightness 

Lumaris tape lights offer ultimate flexibility when setting the mood in your home. Using a handheld remote, the Lutron app, or wall keypads, you can set the lights from the warmest golden tones to ultra-cool, bright settings. 

When does this come in handy? Imagine you’re in the kitchen, ready to follow a recipe. Tap the “Cooking” button on the wall or in the Lutron app, and your tape lights will be set to 100 percent brightness in a pure white color. Under-cabinet tape lights will illuminate your countertops so you’ll see clearly as you measure ingredients, chop vegetables, and prepare for dinner.  

Once the meal is ready, you might want lighting that feels a little more cozy. Choose a “Dinner” scene that instantly dims tape lights and adjusts them to a warm, golden color. 

Controlled by Lutron 

Lumaris is the first tape light designed for Lutron lighting systems, including RadioRA 3 (wireless) and HomeWorks QSZ (wired) systems. We can program your tape lights to activate in unison with other smart bulbs and motorized shades in the room. So, as you set the lights to watch a movie, overhead and tape lights will dim simultaneously. 

Lumaris’ color-tunable features perform without the need for additional control gear and switch boxes—they ‘just work’ in the Lutron system. According to Lutron’s VP Matt Swatsky on Lumaris, “We’ve used our engineering expertise in wireless controls, lighting, and power controls to create a product that simplifies tape light control for our installers and dealers.” 

You don’t need a separate remote for your LED tape lights any longer—it all integrates with the rest of your smart home system for sophisticated control. 

Interested in Lumaris Tape Lighting? 

Lutron’s smart lighting solutions are professional-grade, which means they’re only available through certified dealers. If you’re in the Spokane and Liberty Lake area, Wipliance is your destination for all things lighting control. 

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