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Marrying Design and Functionality in Smart Window Shades

Experience the Benefits of Working with a Motorized Shading Company and Automation Expert

Marrying Design and Functionality in Smart Window Shades

Walking into a room with sunlight streaming through the windows can almost take your breath away. That’s the power and beauty of natural light. It brings the essence of the outdoor world into our homes while enhancing our well-being. Research shows that getting just an hour of the morning’s natural light can help you sleep better.

This natural light is also a critical component of your home’s design. It reveals the authentic colors, highlights the textures, and provides ambient light. Unfortunately, it can also harm your home’s interior, fading wood floors, furniture, and photographs.

Wipliance, a home automation and motorized shading company serving Redmond, WA, has the answer to this dilemma. Motorized shades automatically adjust throughout the day, letting in diffuse sunlight while protecting your home.

Let’s explore the possibilities.

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Controlling Daylight

Designers and architects believe natural light is one of the most dynamic sources of light in a home’s design. You gain control of this powerful element by using smart shades, integrating functionality and aesthetics. 

Our lighting and design experts consider how you use every space, the shapes and orientation of the windows, and the functions that would best serve your family. For instance, some rooms and windows are best served by roller shades in sheer fabrics that retain your view and let in the diffuse light of the sun. Others require more privacy and benefit from translucent weaves.

We’ll take note of the areas that receive the greatest sun exposure, often your east and west-facing windows. These windows may benefit from material that blocks damaging UV rays. A space where computers are commonly used may require glare reduction. Today, there are materials that can block the sun’s glare while retaining your view, a prized functionality in home offices.

At Wipliance, we partner with the leading manufacturers in automated window treatments, including Lutron and Hunter Douglas. Clients gain access to nearly limitless materials and fabrics in numerous styles, from various shades to draperies, blinds, and custom window coverings for irregularly shaped windows and hard-to-reach skylights. We’ll explore the vast options and develop the best solutions that marry the ideal design and functionality.

Automating Your Motorized Shades

One of the greatest challenges with managing daylight is manually raising and lowering shades throughout the day. Motorized shades negate that challenge, allowing you to manage your window coverings from a remote, touchscreen, app, or voice control. You can adjust one or every shade in your home. Or, better yet, let your smart home do it for you.

We can program the shades to raise and lower at certain times of the day, such as opening at sunrise and closing at dinner for privacy. Installing sensors enables them to adjust based on the temperature or the sun’s position. They can also be managed based on your location, raising when you’re home and lowering when you leave.

Are you ready to create the perfect amount of daylight and privacy at the touch of a button? Wipliance is here to help. To learn more about motorized shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.