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Meet the Sunnata RF Keypad from Lutron

Hybrid Keypads with Dimmers and Keypad Functionality Now Available At Your Local Lutron Installer

Meet the Sunnata RF Keypad from Lutron

The all-new Sunnata RF keypad from Lutron is now available for order from Wipliance, your local Lutron installer. This keypad is perfect for either retrofit or new construction projects, as it relies on wireless technology through its RadioRa3 platform. And as they have in the past, Lutron always provides homeowners with a wide variety of customization options that will make the Sunnata RF keypad a perfect match for any home.

Continue reading to learn more about the new Sunnata RF keypad options available for order from your Lutron installer in the Seattle, WA, area.

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The Sunnata RF keypad differs from its predecessors with its unique, helpful, and contemporary lightbar design. This new LED lightbar technology gives off a soft glow, making it easier to locate the dimmer function in the dark. In addition, homeowners can easily adjust the intensity of the LED lightbar on the keypad itself.

Choose between the 3-button with raise/lower, 2-button, or 4-button configuration options, a variety of color and finish options, and personalize the buttons with customized text or icons. You'll love mixing and matching scenes and programming the Sunnata RF keypad to operate lights, ceiling fans, motorized shades, audio systems, and more. You get to choose what each button does, so get creative!


The Sunnata RF Touch Dimmer includes PRO LED+ advanced technology for superior dimming quality. Your Lutron installer connects the Sunnata Dimmers to the high-end LED fixtures throughout your home. Then, simply slide your finger along the LED lightbar on the switch to operate the dimmer.

Homeowners rave about Lutron's PRO LED+ advanced technology because it helps to improve LED performance over time. In addition, Lutron's RTISS technology reduces bulb flickering by making real-time adjustments to incoming line voltage changes.

Lutron Reliability

Lutron devices use ClearConnect to provide reliable RF performance day in and day out. This feature means Lutron-connected devices don't rely on home Wi-Fi and won't contribute to overloading home networks. So, even if the home's Wi-Fi goes down, all scheduled scenes, timers, and switches will continue to work.

Considering an Upgrade?

Over the past year, Lutron has introduced several new and exciting products. These new additions don't mean they will stop supporting service on older models; it's quite the opposite. But, when you decide that it’s time to begin the process for upgrading your Seattle, WA, home, reach out to the team at Wipliance, your local Lutron installer and Diamond dealer, for a custom quote. 


One of the great features of Lutron is that their products are easily retrofitted into existing structures or used in new construction. So if you are currently a RadioRA 2 user, upgrading to RadioRA 3 is not a problem. Contact us for more information.

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