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Prepare for the Holidays with an Outdoor Lighting Installation

Bring Millions of Colors of Light to Your Holiday Home with Tunable RGB Lighting

Prepare for the Holidays with an Outdoor Lighting Installation

It’s hard to imagine, but the holidays are just around the corner. Before we know it, we’ll be getting out the decorations and preparing our home for friends and family. One of the features our clients genuinely enjoy this time of year is smart outdoor and indoor lighting that’s geared for the holidays and effortless to control. With today’s smart technology and tunable RGB lighting, you can use year-round light fixtures and simply change the color to suit the occasion. 

At Wipliance, we provide customized smart home solutions for our clients in Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas. As an outdoor lighting installation company and smart home integrator, we use the latest technology to prepare our clients’ homes for the best this season offers. 

Let’s explore the possibilities. 

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Tunable RGB Lighting

Today’s tunable RGB lighting has transformed how we light our homes for the holidays and every other occasion. An LED lighting technology, it produces lights across the visible light spectrum, amounting to millions of different colors of light, controlled with one touch on your mobile device, touchscreen, or remote.

We partner with several leading companies in the LED lighting technology sector. These include Lutron’s Ketra, American Lighting’s Proluxe, WAC, and Colorbeam These companies offer several solutions for the holidays, including RGB light strings. Choose from a virtually endless array of vibrant colors with one touch, including orange or purple for Halloween, autumn colors for Thanksgiving, and varying hues of blue, white, red, or green for your special celebration. 

Creating the Ultimate Holiday Lighting

When designing and installing landscape lighting systems, we discuss how our clients plan on using their outdoor areas. Then, when the holidays arrive, they'll have programmed scenes that highlight their home, yard, and decorations just the way they want them. 

One tap illuminates their water features and pools in green and purple hues. Their outdoor areas transform into magical fantasy lands by setting downlights to the color of golden fireflies while splashing red and green swashes of light across walls, trees, and architectural features. 

Effortless Control

In addition to one-touch control of every indoor and outdoor light from your wall-mounted touch panel or smartphone, we’ll create scenes unique to your lifestyle and how you celebrate. A smart home automation platform manages lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more, enabling us to program scenes that set the stage for every occasion.

Do you regularly entertain over the holidays? We’ll program an “Entertainment” button that illuminates your lights in the season's colors while dimming the dining room lights to the color of soft candlelight. At the same time, your favorite holiday or party playlist streams through your home and yard, the fireplace ignites, and the doors unlock to welcome your guests. We can also automate your indoor festive lighting or Christmas tree lights to turn on just as the sun sets, and your outdoor lights to respond to nightfall sensors. 

The combined power of home automation and LED lighting makes almost anything possible in today’s lighting design. To learn more about holiday lighting and smart home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.

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