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Redefine Outdoor Entertainment with a Landscape Speaker Systems

Enjoy Audiophile-Quality Music and Soundtracks in the Great Outdoors

Redefine Outdoor Entertainment with a Landscape Speaker Systems

There’s nothing more beautiful than the sunsets and starry nights found in the desert town of Fountain Hills, AZ. Are you spending time in your outdoor space enjoying all the beauty this area has to offer? A landscape speaker system is one of the features our clients tell us makes a significant impact in enjoying their backyard. Let's explore how these systems extend living spaces and change where family members congregate and spend their time. 

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What Are Landscape Speakers?

At Wipliance, we partner with industry leaders to bring our clients the best audio, video, and smart home automation on the market. In outdoor audio, that brand is Origin Acoustics. 

Origin Acoustics turned the industry around when it began creating high-fidelity architectural speakers for homes in 2014. Their landscape speakers deliver the ultimate sound, from the minor nuances to the bold bass. Their equipment is designed to reproduce sound like the original creator intended, with audiophile-grade sensitivity, yet disappears elegantly into any environment. 

Their outdoor landscape speaker line consists of the Bollard Loudspeaker that provides a 360-degree acoustic lens, offering incredible audio while blending into your landscape. While the subwoofer and wiring are buried underground, the stylish, modern loudspeaker comes in aluminum, matte black, and bronze finishes in round and square enclosures. 

Their satellite landscape speakers enable our certified technicians to strategically install them among the foliage, trees, and pathways and direct them toward areas where your friends and family congregate. So, whether enjoying a big game on the outdoor TV, relaxing by the pool, or quietly reflecting in a secluded corner, these speakers that resemble landscape lighting deliver a sound that envelopes you with no hot spots or dead zones. 

For areas that demand complete blending with the environment, the company produces a rock-style loudspeaker that far outperforms competitors’ equipment in this same class. 

What Is a Whole-Home Audio System?

When integrated with your whole-home audio and home automation system, you control your audio, video, lighting, climate, security, and more, from one easy-to-use interface. Whether streaming music from services like TIDAL, Qobuz, or Pandora, listening to your favorite podcast or audiobook, or spinning your classic vinyl collection, you can choose any audio source and listen to it in any room or outdoor space as well as throughout the entire home and yard. 

We’ll program pre-set scenes to make it easy to change multiple systems with one touch. For example, tap the “Outdoor Dining” button on your tablet, touchscreen, or remote, and your landscape lights illuminate to the perfect setting, the grill ignites, and beautiful music fills your home and outdoor space.

At Wipliance, we’ve been providing our clients with the latest customized solutions in outdoor and indoor entertainment and home automation for more than 15 years. To learn more about the latest landscape speaker systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.