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The Hottest Duo in 2024: Home Technology & Design

Enhancing a Home’s Design with Smart Technology

The Hottest Duo in 2024: Home Technology & Design

For many people, “Home Technology” conjures up images of electronic gadgets, robotic appliances, and tower loudspeakers delivering impressive concert-quality sound. We’re happy to report that, as automation advances, large and flashy have given way to quiet and breathtaking. 

Tech no longer takes center stage but hides quietly in the background, delivering a stunningly beautiful and enhanced lifestyle while improving instead of detracting from a home’s design. Here, we’ll explore some top contenders—the technology that brings incredible entertainment, advanced lighting, and automated natural light while elevating your home’s aesthetics in Spokane, WA.

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Lights, Action, Sound

One of today’s in-demand technologies aligns with the sleek and minimalist home design trend: the quiet ceiling. At Wipliance, our designers and integrators have been busy transforming our clients’ lighting by integrating small downlights that leave a minimal footprint while bringing the same brilliant lighting larger fixtures deliver. 

One of our partners, DMF, manufactures 2-inch fixtures that bring brilliant illumination, dimming from vibrant, full-spectrum lighting to a soft, warm amber glow ideal for relaxing in the evening. These lights integrate seamlessly with today’s home automation platforms.

So, you may wonder, where does the sound come from? One of our other partners, Sonance, created an Architectural Series Discreet Opening System. The system consists of high-performance speakers delivering unprecedented sound quality while matching the footprint of small downlights—creating minimal to no visual intrusion. 

Integrated into your whole-home audio system, you experience stunning music filling your home from an unseen source. Select your favorite playlists from a beautiful touchscreen and enjoy high-resolution audio in one or every room.

Innovative Shading Solutions

Many people enjoy the idea of motorized shades that adjust automatically throughout the day, bringing in filtered sunlight while blocking harmful UV rays. Instead of walking to every window, tugging on shades, or messing with cords, homeowners can manage every shade from anywhere via a remote or mobile app. Lutron and Hunter Douglas have transformed this experience, bringing beauty, elegance, and unique illumination to the industry. 

If you’re not a fan of roller shades, there’s no need to worry. Those looking for the elegance of draperies find the Lutron drapery track systems provide whisper-quiet control. Custom crafted from your chosen material, you’re ensured window coverings that enhance your home’s design while providing extreme comfort and convenience.

In 2023, Hunter Douglas announced their new line of Aura Illuminated Shades. This three-in-one design combines a traditional shade that filters natural light and a reflective room-darkening liner that provides privacy. The innovative design, however, is the programmable LED lighting built into the shade that mimics natural light. The diffuse lighting may look like a soft, warm glow or a bright, cool light, enhancing any home’s aesthetics with its unique approach to lighting.

As you can see, today’s home technology integrates seamlessly into a home’s design, bringing beauty, convenience, and enjoyment. Our designers and integrators work together to ensure the perfect fit, a balance between the incredible lifestyle the latest technology offers and the growing need for a peaceful, oasis-like setting.

To learn more about elevating your home and lifestyle with the latest technology or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.