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The Latest Recessed Lighting Offers Beauty and Elegance

The Benefits of Working with a Home Automation & Recessed Lighting Installation Company

The Latest Recessed Lighting Offers Beauty and Elegance

Recessed lighting offers benefits unlike any other type of lighting. It provides general ambient light that softly fills a room, focused task lighting to illuminate areas where we perform everyday activities, and accent lighting for our home’s best architectural features and fine works of art. 

This lighting promotes a clean, streamlined look, sitting flush with the ceiling. Thanks to today’s technology, it’s also effortless to manage and can incorporate today’s full-spectrum LED lighting. We are a home automation and recessed lighting installation company serving Kirkland, WA since 2006. We partner with leading brands to create custom technology solutions in lighting design and control.

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The Features of Lutron’s Recessed Lighting

Lutron’s Ivalo fixtures are high-performance intelligent downlights that come with Lutron’s 0.1% dimming capabilities. Combined with 90+CRI LED light performance, you experience light that accurately reproduces the colors of objects and softens to a warm amber illumination as it dims. 

It comes in numerous trim options, aligning perfectly with a home’s design. It also offers changeable beam angles to create various layers of lighting, from wall washing to direct task lighting.

Lutron’s Ketra line offers powerful illumination in fixed, adjustable, and wall-washing options. This dynamic lighting provides a limitless range of whites and colors, available with one touch on a touchscreen or keypad. 

Change your lighting based on your mood or activity with over 16 million colors at your disposal. This lighting can also mimic daylight, changing from the blue-toned hues of dawn to the amber glow of the sunset. The Vibrancy option brings out the best in fine artwork, bringing out the colors and contrast as the artist intended.

DMF Recessed Lighting for a Modern Home

Like Lutron, DMF Lighting features high-performance products designed for smart homes. In 2022, Wipliance partnered with DMF for the brand's first residential small aperture downlighting system—the iX Series. 

The small two-inch aperture is designed for the increasing demand for “quiet” ceilings. Despite its size, the revolutionary product delivers the same performance as larger 3 to 4-inch fixtures. Though it provides a small footprint, it maintains a strong light output, resolving the common issues associated with small aperture lights. 

Smart Home Integration

These lights can be integrated into your home automation platform, allowing one-touch and automated control. We’ll program your lighting to adjust based on activities, time of day, and strategically placed sensors. For example, tap the ‘Entertain’ button on an in-wall keypad, and specific lights illuminate to pre chosen hues and temperatures, from arctic blue to candlelight and indigo. When it's time for bed, tap the ‘Good Night’ button, and all the lights turn off.

At Wipliance, we provide advanced, custom home automation solutions, including lighting, shading and entertainment. Our team of experts specializes in creating systems that are easy to use while bringing greater enjoyment and beauty. To learn about recessed lighting options and home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.