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The Role Smart Lighting Plays in Home Security

Secure Your Home with Smart Technology

The Role Smart Lighting Plays in Home Security

Lighting has long played an essential role in home security. If nothing else, it helps us feel safer. When we hear a noise, instead of peering into the darkness, lighting helps us see the cause.

Studies show, however, that lighting does more than quell an anxious heartbeat. In fact, it can significantly reduce crime rates. One study reported in LEDs Magazine and conducted by the scientific research team Crime Lab found that increased lighting resulted in a 7% overall reduction in robbery and property crimes. When looking at crimes occurring at night, that figure rose to 39%.

So, how can you implement lighting as a security measure without having to sleep with flood lights disturbing you and your neighbors? That’s where automated lighting comes in, securing your home while maintaining a tranquil environment. 

Let’s explore the possibilities and how lighting can help safeguard your home in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Automated Lighting: The Smart Way to Illuminate Your Home

Typically, when it’s time for bed, we ensure all the lights are off in the home, with some leaving a porch or other security light on. When we hear a noise at night, our only option is to hope we have a light installed in that area and make our way to the corresponding light switch. 

Home automation offers a much better alternative. Now, you reach for the touchscreen on the nightstand and view your live video feed. Motion sensors immediately illuminate the outdoor lights in the area when there’s movement, and the camera zooms in in response. These cameras also have night vision, ensuring you can see with crystal-clear accuracy, even after dark. 

You see it’s just the neighborhood raccoon, enabling you to rest easy. Had it been a stranger, you could have spoken to them through the two-way audio as you made a call to law enforcement. 

Securing Your Home When You’re Away

When you leave your home, whether for an evening out or a long weekend getaway, a smart home will safeguard the property and alert you of potential trouble. Pressing an ‘Away’ button on a keypad by the door sets your home into motion. 

It duplicates similar actions that occur when you’re home, such as lights turning on and off and the shades raising and lowering. Called presence simulation, police suggest creating the illusion that you’re home is one of the best ways to safeguard your property when you’re out. This approach is much better than lights on a timer, as burglars often look for a fixed schedule, which tells them you’re not home.

Automated Responses

You can also program your lighting to turn on in response to a trigger. For instance, digital tripwires around your property can initiate lights to turn on whenever a stranger crosses them. 

Should an attempted break-in occur, your indoor and outdoor lights immediately turn on and start flashing. This surprise illumination and an alarm are often enough to scare would-be burglars away.

At Wipliance, we create customized home automation systems that provide luxurious ease of living while enhancing security. To learn more about home security or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.