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This Is Why You Need Outdoor Patio Shades This Summer

Enjoy your alfresco spaces to the fullest this season!

This Is Why You Need Outdoor Patio Shades This Summer

What does the perfect outdoor living space entail? For many people, landscape lighting solutions are a must to keep your home illuminated and beautiful. For others, outdoor entertainment equipment is essential to keep the fun going. While these technologies are certainly a game-changer for any backyard, terrace, or patio, many homeowners overlook one smart home solution that can drastically improve their experience outside —outdoor patio shades

This blog explores a few ways to elevate your outdoor living areas in Mercer Island, WA, with the right patio shades. Keep reading to find out! 

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Stay Healthy & Comfortable

Gone are the days when you had to wear sunscreen on every inch of your body just to sit outside for a while! By adding outdoor patio shades to your alfresco living spaces, you can enjoy the sun’s warmth while protecting your body from the many health problems of intense heat and damaging UV rays, such as eye strain, dehydration, skin cancer, premature aging, and more. In addition, patio shades can protect your outdoor furniture from the damage of direct sunlight and create a comfortable, glare-free environment to enjoy entertainment. So, no matter how warm it gets this summer on Mercer Island, your outdoor shades will let you enjoy the fresh air and beautiful nature views without dealing with the downsides of the season. 


Nothing can ruin the mood quite like having your privacy invaded by noisy neighbors or peeper passersby. Outdoor patio shades are a fantastic tool to keep your spaces safe and private day or night. Whether you are relaxing on your own, watching a movie with your kids, or having a romantic dinner with your spouse, your outdoor patio shades will keep your outside areas comfortable and secure.

Keep Bugs Away

Who says your outdoor shades are only good when the sun is still out? If you’re tired of dealing with annoying bugs creeping in on you while you try to enjoy the beautiful starry sky, installing patio shades is the way to go. This will help you create an enclosed environment that is safe and comfortable way past the sunset.

Style and Aesthetics

Outdoor shades can also enhance the appearance of your home's exterior by adding color, texture, and style. With a wide range of materials and designs, you can choose shades that complement your home's architecture and décor. This can help create a cohesive look that ties your outdoor space to the rest of your home and enhances your home's curb appeal.

At Wipliance, we love helping you create more welcoming spaces in and out of your home. If you are interested in making your outdoor spaces more comfortable and enjoyable, contact our team today to discover how we can help you out.

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