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Today’s Lighting Design Integrates Beauty and Elegant Control

Turn Your Home’s Lighting into a Work of Art

Today’s Lighting Design Integrates Beauty and Elegant Control

As the film director and artist Aaron Rose said so eloquently, “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” At Wipliance, as a lighting design company serving Median, WA, and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, we've watched how the right lighting can transform a home into a sanctuary and a backyard into an oasis. 

Today’s dynamic high-performance LED lighting combined with home automation enables us to change your home’s illumination in ways once unimaginable. Gone are the light switches and white lights that remain at a single-color temperature. Now, we experience lighting without limits.

Let’s explore the many possibilities in our new world of brilliant illumination.

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Lighting Redefined

There was a time when our lights remained one hue and one intensity. While we may have had a few lights set to dimmers, even these lights were consistent in color. Then, dynamic LED lights and lighting control entered the arena, and our homes were transformed. 

Now, we could set the scene for every moment of our lives, carefully curating the perfect environment, a seamless exchange of beautiful sunlight and electric lights. With one touch or through automated control, our shades adjusted, letting in just the right amount of filtered sunlight, and our lights dimmed or brightened in response. 

The Customized Approach

Lighting design can feel overwhelming. One look online reveals a myriad of choices, from hundreds of fixtures to layered lighting techniques, hues, and temperatures. That’s where Wipliance comes in. 

Our lighting design team considers how you use every room, the activities that make up your days, and the mood you want to create for various areas. Then, we use this information to create a customized lighting solution that offers the perfect environment in the ideal lighting that's effortless to control. 

Beautiful lighting design incorporates all the layers of lighting, including ambient or mood lighting, accent or directional lighting, and task lighting. This collaborative design process leaves homeowners thrilled with the outcome, intrigued by the process, and astounded that they hadn’t considered this form of lighting before. 

Light From an Unseen Source

At Wipliance, we partner with industry leaders to bring our clients the latest innovations. Two of those brands are Control4 and Lutron. In 2022, Control4 came out with their Vibrant Linear Lighting system, enabling us to further customize our clients lighting design.

This layer of accent lighting comes from high-performance LED light strips with aluminum extrusions. We place this lighting in hidden coves, recesses, and other unseen areas, creating an accent layer of lighting that comes from an invisible source and lights a room in an endless array of colors. 

Control4 also upgraded its operating system to include a native color wheel that controls LED lights with one touch. Spin the wheel to the perfect huge and then save it to specific scenes. For example, tap the "Entertain" button, and the lighting transforms to cerulean, juniper, and teal. 

Are you ready to create a lighting system that provides immense beauty, enjoyment, and ease of use? To learn more about today’s lighting design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.