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Transform Your Outdoor Experience with Today’s Outdoor TVs

Enjoy Movie Night Under the Stars and in the Pool

Transform Your Outdoor Experience with Today’s Outdoor TVs

As spring approaches, many homeowners are taking a second glance at their outdoor areas. What can they do to make the time spent outdoors more enticing? How can they raise the bar and take their pool parties and barbecues to the next level?

There is a way to transform your backyard into a powerhouse of entertainment. Combine the latest outdoor TVs with satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers. The result? An outdoor home theater that delivers lifelike images and immersive surround sound. 

With today’s weatherproof TVs, we can even set it up so that friends and family can lounge in the pool while enjoying a movie under the stars. The only problem? You may have to get more floating lounge chairs.

Let’s look at some of the top contenders in outdoor TVs and the benefits they bring to your Paradise Valley, AZ, home.

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Today’s Outdoor TVs

If you haven’t yet experienced one of the newest outdoor TVs, you’re in for a wonderful surprise. Thanks to nearly continuous technological upgrades, many leading manufacturers offer TVs that bring brilliant images in full sun. Extreme brightness gives you the same, if not better, experience you enjoy inside, and anti-reflection technology minimizes glare. 

As the lighting changes and clouds come and go, the intuitive displays optimize picture settings. What all this technology produces is vivid pictures with incredible detail.

One of the Newest Outdoor TVs on the Market

At summer’s end in 2023, Samsung announced their new addition to outdoor TVs—the 85-inch Terrace Outdoor Neo QLED 4K TV. The Samsung Terrace outdoor TV has always been considered one of the top contenders for outdoor picture quality. Their latest model transforms the experience. 

The largest of their outdoor TVs, they optimized the picture quality further to enable easy viewing in full sun and enhanced the durability rating. This means your TV can withstand the Arizona heat and heavy rains while providing true-to-life picture quality and brilliant color.

Creating the Surround Sound

The surround sound completes your outdoor home theater experience. Strategically placed landscape speakers merge with your outdoor design and deliver a blanket of evenly balanced, pristine sound. Add the subterranean subwoofers for the deep bass and the soundtracks you can feel. Now, you have an immersive cinema experience in your backyard. 

This audio system also brings corner-to-corner high-fidelity music to your outdoor space. Separate zones allow the kids to listen to music by the pool while friends enjoy the big game on the patio. 

Creating an Oasis

If there’s one more element to pull your outdoor retreat together, it’s today’s landscape lighting. At Wipliance, we partner with Coastal Source, one of the industry leaders in outdoor lighting. At the end of 2023, they announced their Ketra-ready outdoor lighting solution. This light source brings the highest quality, full-spectrum, tunable light to outdoor areas. It can mimic natural sunlight and create vibrant lighting scenes.

Are you ready to create your outdoor oasis? At Wipliance, we’re excited to share the technology that enables us to turn our clients’ dreams into reality. To learn more about outdoor TVs or the ultimate home entertainment space, contact Wipliance today.