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What to Look for in a Smart Home Consultant

The Integrator You Choose is as Important as the Solution

What to Look for in a Smart Home Consultant

So you are looking to add smart technology and automation to your Medina, WA, home. In an enclave full of successful technology entrepreneurs and executives, there’s no lack of technological savvy. However, that alone does not ensure a successful smart home project. The Bellevue-Seattle area has no shortage of smart home consultants and solutions; how do you choose the right one for your project? Keep reading below for four key considerations. 

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Industry Affiliations: A Mark of Distinction

When considering a smart home consultant in Medina, it's crucial to examine their industry affiliations. Wipliance, for instance, maintains memberships with industry and local organizations like CEDIA and the Master Builders Association of King County. Such affiliations vouch for a company's credibility in working with local trade partners and its commitment to staying updated with the latest home automation trends.

The Company You Keep

Another way to evaluate a smart home consultant is by the solutions they represent. Are they the top names in the business? Do they have more than the basic status of selling the company’s product? For example, Wipliance is a Control4 Diamond Dealer and maintains a Control4 Certified Showroom in Bellevue. Our success in this area has also extended to Spokane and Scottsdale, Arizona, reflecting success in delivering successful home technology solutions to a wide range of clients.  

The Company You Keep

A genuine smart home consultant doesn't just install and leave; they educate. Wipliance believes in empowering its clients. Our YouTube channel is a testament to this commitment, featuring a range of tutorial videos and insights into the latest tech trends. Additionally, our tutorial video gallery showcases real-world examples of automation solutions, providing potential clients with a clear understanding of what to expect. Notably, Wipliance's Control4 Certified Showroom offers clients a hands-on experience, demonstrating the vast possibilities of smart home automation. 

A Commitment to Service and Support

Choosing a smart home consultant is not just about the initial setup; it's also about the aftercare. Wipliance stands out with its unwavering commitment to service and support. Don't be afraid to ask about previous projects the consultant has completed. The best consultants have an array of successful projects that can inspire and educate you about possibilities, as well as the consultant's attention to detail. You can see some of Wipliance's best projects on this case study page

When you are ready to move forward with your Medina smart home, Wipliance is prepared to help. We work with the top builders, architects, and designers in King County to seamlessly integrate smart technology and automation into your elegant home. Call us for a free consultation, contact us here, or send us a message below! We look forward to working with you.