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Wipliance Will Keep You Up to Date with This 2018 Home Design Trend

Wipliance Will Keep You Up to Date with This 2018 Home Design Trend

Naturally, we think there’s no one better than Wipliance to keep you up to date with 2018’s home design trends.. But you don’t have to take our word for it. JayMarc Homes, a Seattle leader in cutting-edge home development, partners with Wipliance to keep their top-of-line homes outfitted with the latest technological innovations, enhancing both comfort and convenience. In fact, JayMarc was recently featured in an article from Seattle Mag, highlighting their trend-setting home designs for 2018, and they mentioned Wipliance’s role as their home automation partner. According to Seattle Mag, Smart Living Home Technology is making an impact in modern Seattle home design. 

What is a Smart Home?

2018 home design trends smart home

Having a smart home simply means having systems that enable remote control of your home’s appliances and functions. Want the shades down, the thermostat up, and your home theater system to start playing the Sounders game? Wipliance can help you set up your home such that you can do all of that right from your smartphone.

JayMarc homes relies on Wipliance to integrate the latest home automation technology in the homes they design and build in the northwest and that’s been possible thanks to our automated lighting partner Lutron.

Automated Lighting

“One of the hottest things we’re working with is Lutron lighting and shades. They invented the dimmer back in the 60s, and now, there are lighting controls and motorized window treatments. They keep the wall clutter down, and we don’t have rows and rows of switches along a wall. From an energy standpoint, you could use occupancy sensors to brown the lights out if a room isn’t being used. It can also turn the lights on ahead of you and behind you. Everyone wants a system to be less complicated and to have energy savings.”

-Lee Travis, owner of Wipliance


Many of the latest automated lighting systems are not only cloud compatible, making them controllable from a smartphone, but can also sense when residents are home, turning lights off to maximize energy efficiency, or turn lights on and off to make it appear as though someone is home. The sky is the limit with automated lighting.

Automated Climate Control

Whether it’s standard AC thermostat, in-floor heating, or any other system, manually adjusting the temperature of your home or office is truly a thing of the past. With help from Wipliance, you can monitor, plan, and control all of home or office’s climate control systems from virtually anywhere.

But it’s more than that - a truly smart home doesn’t just do what you tell it, it helps you live a better version of your life.

Putting it All Together - Smarter Home Equals Eco-Friendly Living


*image from Seattle mag  

When all of your lighting and climate systems are integrated with smart home technology, your house can begin to regulate itself, which in turn saves you a ton. With the right sensor technology, your smart home can read the occupancy of your home and adjust the temperature accordingly; smart shades can be programmed to respond to the weather, raising and lowering to adjust the interior temp and reduce strain on your AC system. Your home can even begin to learn your schedule and hear and cool your home to match your rhythms. We’ve all been curled up under our blankets in the coldest depths of winter, psyching ourselves up to get out of bed and race through a cold house to get into a warm shower. Automated heating can be remotely activated, scheduled, or even begin to adapt to its users' schedules in order to optimize energy efficiency and comfort.

Wipliance is the leading home automation expert in Seattle. And now, we’re proud to provide out home automation services in Scottsdale as well. Whatever your aspirations are for updating your home design, Wipliance can take you there. Contact us today.

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