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3 Must-Have Technologies for Year-Round Outdoor Enjoyment

Upgrade Your Outdoor System for Ultimate Entertainment

3 Must-Have Technologies for Year-Round Outdoor Enjoyment

The weather in Arizona is beautiful in the wintertime, giving us a needed break from the summer desert sun. If you have an outdoor living space, the winter season is the perfect time to take your relaxation outside and enjoy the cooler breeze.

But outdoor living doesn’t have to stop when the temperatures hit triple digits in the hot summer months. With the right smart upgrades, you can enjoy your home’s outdoor entertainment system the way it should be enjoyed—all year long.

In this blog, we’ll explore three ways you can beat the Scottsdale heat and upgrade your outdoor living spaces for ultimate entertainment and comfort all year long. Just keep reading to learn more.

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Outdoor TVs

Stop choosing between enjoying your outdoor patio and watching your favorite sports team play on the TV inside. You can accomplish both with outdoor TVs like those made by SunBriteTV. SunBrite’s durable LED-LCD TVs are created specifically for outdoor enjoyment, delivering superior brightness in any weather or time of day.

SunBriteTV’s outdoor televisions are also completely weatherproof and resist the damaging effects of rain, dirt, bugs, extreme heat or cold, and even UV rays.

Available in fully-covered, partial-sunlight and full-sunlight models, including some 4K TVs up to 75 inches, you have plenty of options regardless whatever outdoor living space you might feature at your home.

Transform the way you entertain with TV displays designed for outdoor enjoyment. Whether you’re cooling off in your swimming pool or sitting around a fire during the cool Arizona winter, you’ll never have to resort to watching your favorite shows indoors again.

Landscape Speakers

Nothing complements your outdoor TV displays better than outdoor high-fidelity speakers. Solutions like Origin Acoustics’ landscape speaker system transform your outdoor space into an audio haven with plantable garden speakers and in-ground subwoofers for stunning sound.

Origin Acoustics’ state-of-the-art speaker systems are meant to perfectly blend in with outdoor surroundings of any climate or terrain, making sound heard but not seen. They perform under even the most extreme weather conditions and can expand to accommodate the size of any outdoor space.

Whether you want to throw an outdoor party for family and friends or enjoy a slow day in solitude, bring your favorite tunes outdoors with landscape speakers for uncompromised sound quality that lasts in any type of weather the Scottsdale area might throw at you.

Weatherproof Motorized Shades

Now that you know how to enhance your outdoor A/V technology for ultimate entertainment, how can you stay comfortable in the blazing heat? Keep the sun at bay with outdoor motorized shades like Insolroll’s Oasis shades driven by Lutron. Integrated for seamless control at the touch of a button, the Oasis patio shades are perfect for outdoor sun control, insect protection, and privacy.

With the power of Lutron, create scheduled scenes for your Oasis shades and watch them rise and fall automatically based on settings you’ve customized. All shade movement is smooth and silent, thanks to Lutron’s impeccable Electronic Drive Unit (EDU).

Block the sunrays but keep the beautiful view with weatherproof shades that complement the perfect outdoor entertainment system. Whether you have a patio, gazebo, porch, deck, or balcony, Insolroll creates shades for every outdoor space.


Our team at Wipliance specializes in custom technology solutions in the Scottsdale, Arizona area and would love to help you transform your outdoor living space for year-round enjoyment. 

From A/V upgrades to motorized shades and more, we provide top technology solutions to fit your needs. Just fill out our contact form here, call us at 480-771-5500, or chat live with us below to schedule a consultation!

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