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3 Ways Control4 Helps Optimize Productivity for Your Business

Say Goodbye to Wasted Time and Energy with a Smart Conference Room System

3 Ways Control4 Helps Optimize Productivity for Your Business

Your conference room is the heart of your business. It’s a crucial space meant for training staff, hosting clients, conducting meetings, brainstorming business processes and more. Because of its integral role, your conference room should be fully equipped to optimize productivity and efficiency every time you use it.

By connecting the right technologies with a Control4 conference room system, you’ll host more productive meetings in less time, simplify daily operations, lower overhead costs, increase energy efficiency and even improve the comfort of your staff and clients. Keep reading to explore the cutting-edge conference room solutions your Seattle, Washington-area business needs now.

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Smart Lighting and Sensors

Fixed lighting stirs a variety of problems in your conference room, whether you know it or not. When your lighting is too harsh, it can drain the energy from your conference room and cause staff and clients to become irritable. When it’s too dull, it can encourage unproductive meetings and instigate drowsy attendees.

Smart lighting allows you to uniquely control the brightness of the light throughout your conference room at any given time from the convenience of a single interface. Without even getting up from the table, command each fixture to turn on, off, brighten or dim to effortlessly create the ideal ambiance for meetings.

Integrating your lighting with a Control4 system at your Seattle-area conference room also helps improve energy efficiency by allowing you to automate your lights to adjust on their own. If you prefer to rely on natural sunlight during the day, schedule your conference room lights to an astronomical timeclock so they stay dim at peak sun hours and gradually brighten in the evening. When you’re finished using the conference room, vacancy sensors will power off all lights until foot traffic is detected again.

Motorized Window Treatments

Many modern conference rooms are lined with windows to take advantage of natural lighting for improved energy and better productivity. But all that sunlight beaming into your conference room increases unwanted heat gain and can easily overwork your HVAC system.

Motorized window treatments are an excellent solution to help you maintain a comfortable environment and manage energy usage at the touch of a button. Made with intelligent materials and beautiful fabrics, automated window treatments protect your conference room from damaging UV rays while preserving your view.

From a single interface, command one or every motorized shade in your conference room to lift or lower as you see fit. Save more time by setting your window treatments to an astronomical timeclock so that they adjust on their own from sunrise to sunset.

Integrated Room Control

Your conference room is full of technology. From smart lighting and window treatments to audiovisual technology and more, controlling all of it individually can waste time and cause frustration. Instead, enhance operations by integrating all your disparate solutions into a Control4 conference room system for one-touch control of your entire space.

With simple, yet sophisticated control of your conference room lighting, shades, audio and video, climate and more, you’ll drastically minimize overhead and simplify your meetings. Using an in-wall keypad, tabletop tablet or even your smartphone, create customized scenes that dim your lights, lower the shades and power on your TV for a video meeting with remote staff and clients. Then schedule your entire conference room to power down at a certain time so you never have to worry about leaving anything running again.

Set your conference room up for success with smart technology that helps you stay focused on what matters most—your business. With the right solutions in place, you’ll not only see improved productivity and efficiency, but you’ll spark happier staff and satisfied clients.

Our team at Wipliance is ready to help you transform your conference room today. To schedule a free consultation, fill out our online contact form or send us a live chat below to speak with a team member! We look forward to hearing from you.

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