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4 Common Misconceptions About Smart Home Automation – Busted!

Discover the Scalability, Convenience and Personalization of Control4

4 Common Misconceptions About Smart Home Automation – Busted!

There are two ways you can add smarts to your home: the do-it-yourself way or the do-it-for-me way (or a hybrid of the two). There’s nothing wrong with taking on the project yourself, but you’ll eliminate frustration and enjoy a much more intuitive and reliable result when you bring in a professional installer.

While many homeowners in Phoenix, AZ agree that a professional smart home automation installation offers more rewards than a DIY installation, some worry that they’ll lose the ability to expand or personalize their system later on, or they’ll be limited to a narrow selection of products and brands that they can add to their smart home system. We’re here to bust these myths!

Keep reading to learn the truth about the incredible scalability, convenience, and personalization of Control4 home automation.

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Myth: You Must Start at the Building Phase

Many believe that to experience a truly connected home, they must start the installation process during the building phase. While wiring for smart home technology before walls go up can make the installation process easier and offer a reliable foundation for expansion in the future, that’s not your only option!

Even if your home has been standing for years, you can add smarts to it with Control4. There are many wireless options for entertainment, lighting, shading, and more that connect seamlessly with a Control4 system for easy access to and management of your devices. Scale is also no issue! Start in one room or smarten up an entire existing estate. The key is working with an experienced Control4 dealer.

Myth: You Have Limited Choice for Brands and Products

Control4 has built many products for the Control4 smart home, from video doorbells and door locks to lighting keypads and dimmers, thermostats, sensors, and more. But you’re not limited to these products! Control4 software operates on an open platform, which means you have choice.

In fact, Control4 works well with more than 16,000 smart home devices from over 300 brands. That’s a lot of choices! Want to incorporate Lutron shades? Do you already have a Sonos sound system and Sony TVs? Maybe you prefer to Amazon Alexa for voice control. Control4 works with all these brands and many more so that you can choose your favorite products to integrate into one system.

Myth: You Control Everything Through an App

Truthfully, you can control your entire smart home through the Control4 app. This control method can be incredibly convenient, especially when you’re in the backyard, relaxing on the couch, or away from the house. But Control4 also offers many other natural and intuitive ways for smart home control.

Wall keypads are great for quick control of lights, shades, and music in one or several rooms of your home. A touchscreen mounted by the entryway offers quick access to smart home functions while heading out the door. Voice control gives you the ability to turn on lights or change your music selection when your hands are busy cooking dinner. These are just a few ways to easily control your smart home!

Myth: You Can’t Make Your Own Automation Changes

To experience a fully integrated, secure, and reliable smart home system, you’ll need to work with a professional Control4 installer like Wipliance. Our team ensures your system is expertly designed, functions on a robust network, and is intuitive to control. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll lose the reins to change or add commands and automation features!

Once our team sets up your Control4 smart home, you’ll be able to personalize your home automation as you see fit. Through Control4’s web-based When >> Then platform, you can alter scenes, change playlists, edit lighting and shading commands, and more. Your lifestyle is always evolving, so you should have the freedom to make smart home changes that match that evolving lifestyle.


Ready to start your Control4 smart home project? As an award-winning home automation installer and Control4 Platinum dealer, Wipliance would love to help you plan the smart home of your dreams. Contact us here or send us a message in the chat box below to speak with a team member today.

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