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Meet – Sophisticated Voice Control for Luxury Smart Homes

Experience Natural Voice Control, Uncompromising Privacy and Seamless Smart Home Integration

Meet – Sophisticated Voice Control for Luxury Smart Homes

Reading the headline of this blog post may have you thinking, “Another voice control assistant?” And that’s understandable. We’ve discussed the benefits of voice control many times in our blog series, focusing particularly on Amazon Alexa due to its direct integration with Control4 home automation.

While Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit are still fine options for voice control integration, offers a unique approach to the luxury smart home experience.

Wipliance is an award-winning home automation company that is dedicated to creating smart home solutions that are easy to use and enjoyable to own, which is why we’re thrilled to now offer to our clients in Issaquah, WA and beyond. Interested in learning the difference of Keep reading.

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Speak to Your Home Naturally

Alexa, Google, and Siri aren’t unintuitive, but they do require you to use specific words and phrases that may feel unnatural or awkward when commanding your smart home. These voice assistants also need help with follow-up commands, forcing you to repeat specific keywords and phrases over again.

Josh lets you speak much more naturally to your smart home the way you might talk to a friend. uses proprietary Natural Language Processing technology so you can command your home in whatever way feels most comfortable to you—including using compound commands.

For example, you can tell Josh to “turn on the living room lights and let’s watch Stranger Things.” Josh will not only turn on your living room lights but will also find Stranger Things on Netflix and hit play where you left off in the series. Josh also remembers the last command you gave it, so if you said, “Play Nat King Cole in the kitchen,” you could follow that command with “turn it up” to increase the volume.

With Josh, you don’t have to worry about saying the right thing. Josh understands different nicknames for rooms, devices, and scenes so you can speak naturally and enjoy an easy smart home experience.

Your Data Is Always Private

A lot of homeowners are wary of privacy with voice assistants. With Josh, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are always protected. Privacy is of great concern to the creators of Unlike other voice control assistants, processes and stores data locally and only goes to the cloud when communicating with other cloud-based systems or to learn references to shows, music, etc. will never sell your data and even gives you total control over how much information it collects.

Catered to the Luxury Smart Home

As we mentioned, is specifically designed to improve the luxury smart home experience. It integrates seamlessly with best-in-class smart home systems like Control4 and Lutron as well as devices from Sonos, Sony, Samsung, and more. Josh also learns your daily patterns using advanced AI technology. Do you like the window shades closed at 2pm? Josh will take note of that preference and adjust them for you so that you don’t have to ask.

Josh is also room aware, which means you can say a simple “lights on” command while standing in the living room, and it will know to turn them on in just the living room. Additionally, you can command your smart home from anywhere in the world using the elegant app for Androids and iPhones. Use voice commands through the app or navigate a beautiful and intuitive interface to command rooms, devices, and scenes with a touch while you’re out of the house.

Experience a smarter, more intuitive way to control your smart home by voice with To learn more about this technology, contact our home automation experts here or send us a live chat below. You can also see in action at our showroom in Bellevue. Call 425-702-8600 today to book a tour!

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