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Kick Your Fall Routine into Gear with Smart Home Automation

Learn How Control4 Can Help Make Routine Changes Easier Amid a New Normal

Kick Your Fall Routine into Gear with Smart Home Automation

August marks the beginning of new routines for families in Phoenix, AZ and around the country as summer vacations end and kids go back to school. Routine changes are always rough at the beginning, and this year could prove even more difficult as some kids may not physically go back to school until October or later, and many parents may still be working from home.

Turn to smart home automation for an easier transition to new schedules, and even make home living a little more fun while you’re stuck indoors. As an award-winning home automation company, Wipliance can set you up with easy-to-use technology that blends perfectly into your routines. Learn more below!

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Turn Entertainment Off Automatically Before Bedtime

During the summer, you may do away with strict sleeping schedules for you and your kids. Come fall, bedtime routines are put right back in place so everyone can get adequate sleep for a full day of activities. With a Control4 home automation system, you can swiftly turn off all TVs in the house from a single controller to indicate that it’s time to hit the hay. Make it easier by scheduling your TVs to turn off at a certain time every night so you don’t have to remember to do it.

Avoid a Late Start with Scheduled Lights and Shades

We’re all guilty of hitting snooze one too many times—especially when our alarm goes off before the sun rises. Early mornings can be difficult to adjust to at first, so use smart home automation to help jumpstart your day. By scheduling your bedroom lights to gradually brighten and shades to lift just before your alarm goes off, you’ll wake up to a bright and energized room. Schedule the same events to occur in your kids’ rooms as well to help them wake up and get going.

Use Fun Smart Home Scenes to Break Up Monotony

Even with busy routines, staying home all day can feel stale fast. If your family will be home for work and school in the coming months, Control4 can help you break up the monotony with custom smart home scenes that transform your environment and uplift your mood. At lunchtime, tap the “Entertainment” scene on your preferred controller to stream a Top Hits playlist indoors and in the backyard, power on the pool and spa, and enjoy an hour of fun with your family before getting back to business.

Secure Your Home with Remote Access Control

If your routine involves leaving home every morning, you must remember to turn off lights, lower shades, adjust the thermostats, lock the doors, close the garage, and arm the alarm system. Control4 makes all these steps easier by giving you full remote access to your smart home via the Control4 app. Create an “Away” scene that does all of this for you and tap the scene on your smartphone when you’re on your way to work. You can even check to make sure lights are off and doors are locked with a quick glance on the app. Never again worry if you’re wasting energy or if your home is unprotected.

Control4 home automation makes your everyday routines simpler, safer, and more fun during any season of your life. Learn more about Control4 and how our home automation company can design and install a custom solution for you. Contact Wipliance here or start a live chat below today.

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