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4 Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Whole-Home Audio System

Your Music, Your Way!

4 Creative Ways to Make the Most of Your Whole-Home Audio System

Consider yourself a music enthusiast? Then you should know the best way to kick back to your favorite songs and artists at home is with a whole-home audio system. A whole-home audio system gives you ample flexibility to pipe any music you wish all over the house in just a couple of taps.

Our team partners with Control4, a full-fledged home automation system that also excels as a multi-room audio system, to deliver high-quality and reliable whole-home audio control to homeowners in Phoenix, AZ. Whether you’re considering one or already have a Control4 whole-home audio system, be sure to make the most of it with these creative tips below.

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Replace Your Alarms with Music

Unless you use an analog alarm clock, you likely have the option to set your alarm to music when it’s time to wake up. Music is a nice alternative to jarring beeps and can help make rising at early hours a little more pleasant. With a whole-home audio system, take this option a step further by scheduling your music to play not just in your room but anywhere in the home that has connected speakers. Your favorite playlist will follow you from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen, too.


Take Advantage of Hi-Res Audio

Control4 conveniently includes several popular streaming services for you to choose from if you have subscriptions for them, such as Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music, so everyone in the home can enjoy their favorite service in any room without the need for additional devices. Now with Control4 OS 3, music enthusiasts can also enjoy studio-quality MQA music from Tidal Masters or high-resolution music from their private digital media collection. Hear every texture and detail the way the artists intended.


Listen to Podcasts and Audio Books, Too

While you can always walk around the house with earbuds on to listen to a weekly podcast or a newly released audiobook, why not stream it on your multi-room audio system instead? Free up your ears and hands and catch up on news and stories over your home speakers. If the kids want to listen to a Top Hits playlist upstairs or your spouse wants to listen to jazz in the home office, you can simultaneously enjoy the internet radio, a podcast, an audiobook, and more in another area of the house.


Think Outside the Home

Music doesn’t just enhance your indoor activities. If you and the family love spending time outdoors, you can effortlessly take your music to the patio with Control4 multi-room audio. Our team can install a discreet, weather-resistant outdoor speaker system for your backyard living spaces as part of your whole-home audio system so you can share your indoor playlist outdoors or choose a separate playlist for your backyard activities and control it all from the same intuitive Control4 interface.

With a Control4 whole-home audio system, your music and media enjoyment options are virtually endless. To learn more about installing a Control4 whole-home audio system for your residence, connect with our home technology experts today! Fill out our contact form or send us a live chat below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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