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5 Unique & Unusual Ways to Use Whole-Home Automation

Unexpected (But Useful) Things to Automate in Home

5 Unique & Unusual Ways to Use Whole-Home Automation

When discussing whole-home automation, we often talk about popular features like smart lighting, security, and audio. But what about the lesser-known solutions you can automate at home?  

If you’re interested in smart home automation in the Gozzer Ranch, ID, area, don’t overlook these fun and useful ideas! They may become one of your favorite parts of smart home living. 

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1. Wake Up with the Sun 

Who likes to start their day with a blaring, irritating alarm? Instead, you can program your home’s smart lights and motorized shades to wake you naturally. Window shades will quietly open, letting in the morning sun while lights brighten across the room and hallway. If you still haven’t woken up in a few minutes, your room’s audio speakers can automatically play gentle music or nature sounds. Now that’s the ‘right side of the bed!’  

2. Coffee Maker 

Imagine not only waking to morning light and gentle music but the smell of coffee wafting through your house! You can integrate a smart coffee pot into your home system like Control4, remotely controlling and scheduling the machine to start brewing coffee. You will still have to place coffee grinds inside overnight, but in the morning, you’ll be thankful a cup is ready and waiting for you!  

3. Monitor Humidity for Plants 

If you’re a plant lover, you know how important humidity can be for plant health. Tropical plants need extra moisture, while desert plants need dryer air. Smart thermostats can monitor your home’s humidity levels, and once they reach a certain threshold, you can automate humidifiers or dehumidifiers to activate. This is also helpful in areas like basements that can become too humid to prevent mildew or mold. 

4. Leak & Water Detection 

Water can be just as destructive as fire, and while many homeowners think of integrating smoke alarms into their home system, what about leak and water detection? If there’s a flood or leaking pipe, a water sensor will instantly alert your home system and smartphone. So even if you’re far away traveling, you can get ahead of the flood and contact someone to help.  

5. Mailbox Notifications

Eagerly awaiting an invitation in the mail? Want to get ahead of your spouse and grab their birthday package before they see it? By attaching a motion sensor inside your mailbox, you’ll be notified once your mail has been delivered. If you’re away from home, you can ask your house sitter, neighbor, or family to retrieve the mail once it arrives. And if you’re worried about porch pirates, you’ll know exactly when your packages and mail are delivered.  

Ready to learn more about whole-home automation? Wipliance is a home technology integrator that services Coeur D’Alene and the Gozzer Ranch area. Contact us here or send us a message below to discuss your home project today!