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Enjoy High-Resolution Music Via a Whole-Home Audio System

Revel in Beautiful Music Streaming Through Your Home

Enjoy High-Resolution Music Via a Whole-Home Audio System

Every culture in the world celebrates with music. It stirs our emotions, shapes our perceptions, and creates a soundtrack that is our life. As such, it deserves a special place in our homes. 

A high-end audio system in a dedicated listening room can offer an incredible experience, producing a realistic soundstage that takes you to the live performance or the recording studio. But what about the rest of your home? For many, their music comes from a stereo, mobile device, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones. 

There is a better way. A whole-home audio system brings high-performance music and other media to every corner of your home and into your outdoor spaces. Let’s explore the possibilities and what it offers your Bellevue, WA, home.

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The Experience

To bring this level of sound throughout your entire home, our AV experts strategically install and calibrate in-ceiling and in-wall high-performance speakers. Outdoors, satellite landscape and bollard speakers, as well as underground subwoofers, create even coverage throughout your entire property, enveloping the space in breathtaking acoustics. 

As the demand for immersive home entertainment grew, high-fidelity audio manufacturers heeded the call. Today, top brands create architectural speakers designed for homes and outdoor spaces that make a minimal visual impact and retain a home's aesthetics. A few of our partners in this arena include Triad, Origin Acoustics, and Focal.

A Personalized Approach

At Wipliance, every project is customized and unique to each client. However, they have one thing in common: technology solutions that fit their lifestyle and are easy to use. For instance, our whole-home sound systems are effortless to control. Choose your room or area and the audio source, whether streaming playlists, vinyl, or a media server, and sit back to enjoy your favorite tunes.

When integrated with your home automation, several streaming music services run natively through the Control4 platform, including TIDAL, Spotify, Napster, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and Deezer. 

This integration also lets us program scenes that create the perfect ambiance for varying activities and moods. For example, tap the “Working” icon on a touchscreen, and music designed for focusing streams through your home office while task lighting illuminates, preparing you for the work at hand. When it's time for the evening meal, press "Dinner" on an in-wall keypad. The dining area lights settle into a soft candlelight glow, the shades lower, and your chosen playlist drifts through your home.

More Than Music

Of course, while music stirs the soul, there’s much more to life, such as keeping up with world events, listening to your favorite podcasts, taking time to meditate, and relaxing with the latest Netflix series release. A whole-home audio system provides the sound for all these activities and more. And, thanks to zones, everyone can listen to their personal selection, whether in the living room, bedroom, or relaxing in the backyard, at the same time.

Are you ready to explore the nearly limitless possibilities in whole-home audio? To learn more about this fantastic home entertainment technology or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.