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Access and Manage Your Home from Anywhere with Control4

View Surveillance Cameras, Lock the Door, Turn Off Lights & More No Matter Where You Are

Access and Manage Your Home from Anywhere with Control4

Over the last few months, getting out of the house has been reserved for those working essential jobs. For nearly everyone else? A rare pastime. But as restrictions relax, families in Phoenix, AZ and the rest of the country are beginning to venture out of their homes—even if it’s just to stores and parks.

Whether you’re sprinting out the door to dine at your favorite restaurant or leaving only for necessities, stay connected to your home from anywhere with a smart surveillance camera system that gives you instant access to live and recorded footage of your property from the convenience of your smartphone.

Plus, when integrated with Control4, you can also remotely control and manage all the vital systems in your home from a single app, granting you peace of mind at its finest. Read below to learn some of the top benefits of remote access management from Control4.

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Keep a Watchful Eye from Anywhere

You rely on surveillance cameras and recorders to bolster the security of your home. With Control4, it’s easier than ever to check in on your property from anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the internet.

View live and recorded footage on your smartphone or tablet to check in on family, babysitters, or pets. With the Control4 Intercom Anywhere video doorbell, you can also see and communicate with visitors who come to the door—no matter where you are.

Control4 supports the same streaming capabilities utilized by the best surveillance cameras to deliver superior video quality at 80% or more bandwidth savings, increasing efficiency and reliability.

Secure Your Home in a Touch

Knowing what’s happening at home is one step toward improved peace of mind when you’re away. Control4 takes it a step further by giving you instant access to other security devices, such as door locks and alarm systems.

Whether you’re in a hurry out the door or already at your destination, use the Control4 mobile app to check the status of your security devices and adjust them as needed. Close the garage, lock the door, and arm your alarm system in seconds. If you’re expecting company but aren’t home yet, you can remotely unlock the front door and disarm your alarm system to safely let in guests before you arrive.

Manage Lights, Shades and Climate

Commanding your home from afar goes beyond security devices, too. If it’s connected to your Control4 home automation system, you can access it from your smart device. That includes your lights, motorized window treatments, thermostats, and more.

Ensure your front porch light is on after dark if you’re not yet home. Remotely close the shades to prevent passersby from looking in while you’re away. Set your thermostats to eco-mode to save energy. For even more convenience, an “Away” scene can turn off lights, close shades, adjust your thermostats, lock the doors, and arm your alarm system in just a button tap.

Stay in the Know with Alerts & Notifications

You won’t always be on your phone to check surveillance cameras and other statuses of vital smart home devices. That’s where alerts and notifications can help. Control4 can alert you of virtually any event that happens at home. Water leak? Garage door left ajar? Broken window? You’ll know as soon as it happens so you can take quick and necessary action.

Create personalized push notifications to alert you when family and guests leave or arrive, when motion is detected on your property, when a light is left on, and more. Whether your alerts are for simple status updates or for significant events that need immediate attention, your home will always let you know.

Always know your property is safe and secure with remote access management from Control4. From smart surveillance cameras and door locks to alarm systems and more, our certified Control4 dealers can equip your home with the latest security and surveillance solutions that meet your needs. Learn more or start your project today by contacting us here or sending us a live chat below.

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