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Are You Overdue for a Home Network Upgrade?

If You Experience the Following Frustrations, the Answer May Be Yes

Are You Overdue for a Home Network Upgrade?

When Sony reveals a new line of TVs or Amazon announces their next-gen smart speaker, technology enthusiasts are usually the first to upgrade. These devices are cutting-edge and make our homes look cool.Unfortunately, the latter  can’t always be said about home network gear. These systems live in the shadows of our smart homes and can often be forgotten.

While a network system isn’t something you showcase, it functions as the backbone of your connected home. An outdated network installation will inevitably lead to connectivity woes and even open the door to security threats. Fortunately, our home network installation services kick these connectivity concerns to the curb by replacing outdated systems with enterprise-grade solutions that offer top speed and unwavering performance wherever you need it.

Wondering if the network system in your Issaquah, WA home is overdue for an upgrade? If you experience the following four signs, the answer is likely yes.

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Dropped Wi-Fi Connections

With the weather warming up, it may be tempting to take your laptop to the outdoors and work in the fresh air. However, if your router lacks the range of coverage you need, and if your home isn’t equipped with properly placed access points, you’ll be stuck attending video meetings and answering emails in the living room, or somewhere within range of your routerSignal-blocking obstructions like walls and doors can cause weak  Wi-Fi reception in the home, which can be difficult to identify without a proper site survey.

Unbearably Slow Internet Speeds

Has your laptop appeared to have a full Wi-Fi signal but still took way too long to load webpages? Maybe you’ve been on a video call with a friend that instantly froze once your kids began streaming a movie. These connectivity issues are likely due to an overcrowded network that lacks the bandwidth you need to properly perform all your connected activities at once. Upgraded systems not only maintain quality of service as the load increases but prioritize network traffic for optimal performance.

It’s Been a Few Years Since You’ve Last Upgraded

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your network gear, then it’s likely time to upgrade. Just like you upgrade your TVs and security cameras to keep up with new features like higher-resolution video and frame rates, upgrading your network equipmentensures your connected home is prepared for the newest standards of speed and connectivity. Enterprise-grade systems are built with the future in mind. They last for years and include lengthy warranties to guarantee your network always runs smoothly.

Your Equipment Is Consumer-Grade

Consumer-grade networking equipment can work fine in some cases, but if you live in an automated home that also functions as aoffice or classroom, a DIY home network installation won’t offer enough support. Plus, most consumer-grade network systems aren’t customized to your unique connectivity needs and lack the reliability, range, and security that your growing connected home requires. It’s time to replace your prepackaged system that offers poor coverage and results in frustration.


Don’t settle for connectivity issues anymore. Stay securely connected now and in the future by partnering with our home network experts at Wipliance. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here or send us a message in the chat box below. We look forward to working with you!

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