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Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Smart Home Technology?

Ensure Your Devices Are Built on a Strong Foundation, Play Well Together, and Are Easy to Control

Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Smart Home Technology?

There’s no doubt that smart homes are steadily gaining popularity in Tempe, AZ and all around the country. In fact, technological advancements and home automation have turned the idea of connected living from a coveted luxury to an expectation for many homebuyers.

While it might be tempting to shop online for the latest smart devices and install them yourself, you’ll run the risk of purchasing devices that don’t communicate well with each other and aren’t designed for scale. Plus, you may overload your network in the process and even run into security issues.

Ensure a comprehensive and reliable smart home by working with Wipliance instead. Keep reading to discover the key benefits of hiring a professional to install your smart home automation system.

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We Integrate Your Technology for Effortless Control

Your home isn’t really “smart” until the technology that makes up your home is integrated to communicate and work together. To achieve this, your intelligent devices must be connected to a centralized hub that puts whole-home control within a single platform and enables you to access it remotely.

Unfortunately, not all smart devices work well with DIY smart home ecosystems. That’s why our team partners with Control4, a leading home automation system that effortlessly connects more than 13,500 third-party smart home devices in a single platform. Using Control4 as your centralized ecosystem ensures compatibility for all your devices and puts everything into one intuitive interface.

Easily control your lights, shades, security system, entertainment, and more from the same device. We’ll even personalize your control options so you can choose to command your technology from a dedicated touchpad, your smartphone, on-wall keypads, handheld remotes, or with voice control.

We Build a Strong Foundation for Your System

Your smart home is only as reliable as the foundation on which it stands. When homeowners decide to take the DIY route for their smart home devices, they often neglect the foundation required to support their technology. Our technology professionals will ensure you have the home network infrastructure needed to successfully run your smart home system. We’ll also work with you to decide which devices should be hardwired or wireless, depending on your project, and we’ll discreetly run wires where they’re needed.

We Provide Ongoing Service and Support

Even the most carefully designed and installed smart home systems will experience issues from time to time. This fact of life is reason enough for partnering with a professional so that you don’t have to deal with hiccups or growing pains within your system. Our team will do it!

We gladly offer ongoing service and support. If a problem surfaces, our team will be there to help you fix it. You should never feel left in the dark after being handed the reins of your smart home system. That’s why our job isn’t finished after installation. We also offer remote system monitoring so that we can conduct necessary updates and maintenance without stepping foot into your home.

Embrace the smart home experience you deserve by partnering with a home technology professional like Wipliance. For a free consultation, contact us here or send us a live chat below today.

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