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Bring Increased Beauty and Functionality to Your Kitchen with Elevated Lighting Design

Our Home Lighting Consultants Can Create the Perfect Space for Entertaining and Preparing Meals

Bring Increased Beauty and Functionality to Your Kitchen with Elevated Lighting Design

In the third part of our series on smart lighting, we discuss how to elevate your home’s kitchen lighting. This space is often the heart of a home—the place where friends and family congregate, and the many tasks involved in preparing meals are performed.

How do you make this space in your Scottsdale, AZ, home both inviting and light enough to get the job done? Keep reading to learn about some of the techniques a home lighting consultant uses to layer kitchen lighting, creating a suitable place for entertaining, relaxing, and working. You can also watch our video on kitchen lighting design to see the remarkable changes different lighting techniques can bring to this busy area of your home.  

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Layers of Light

A home lighting consultant looks at a kitchen in layers. For example, task lighting is needed at the sink and food preparation areas, ambient light is required throughout the space, and highlights and spotlights illuminate featured designs and fine art glass or ceramic pieces.

Adding pendant lighting over the island's edge draws the eyes to the fixture while maintaining sufficient lighting for the room. When integrated with your smart home automation system, you can control the hue and intensity with one touch on your smartphone or tablet, creating an intimate space for gathering or a bright area for food preparation.

This type of lighting is superior to the bright basic level of lighting that we call “interrogation lights.” While these lights enable your home to pass inspection, they do little to create an inviting atmosphere.

Open Cabinetry Lighting

Many open cabinets have one light at the top that shines light downward. Unfortunately, these recessed lights tend to shine in people's faces and offer little in their supposed function of illuminating the items on your shelves and adding beauty to your kitchen.

The proper cabinetry lighting can illuminate all the shelving and make the space look dramatic or serene, depending on the settings. Spotlights can highlight treasured possessions, and lighting underneath cabinets can dispel shadows.

Specialized Lighting

For kitchens that don’t get much natural light, an electric skylight can bring in the sense of daylight. These virtual LED skylights emit light that closely resembles natural sunlight, and both the hue and brightness can be modified for specific occasions.

Toe-kick lighting is another popular trend in kitchen lighting design. Placing LED tape lights around islands and under cabinets elevates the space and makes for a perfect night light.   

At Wipliance, we integrate the latest technology in smart lighting with the design elements that create intriguing and inviting spaces throughout your home and outdoor areas. To learn more about lighting design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.

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