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Important Considerations When Adding a Ketra Lighting System to Your Home

Ketra Lighting Integrates Exclusively with Lutron’s HomeWorks

Important Considerations When Adding a Ketra Lighting System to Your Home

You may have heard of Ketra lighting, the tunable lighting system that simulates the sun's light and offers millions of different changing colors to illuminate a home. This lighting system, that promotes health and a home's aesthetics, grew even more popular when it became part of the Lutron brand. Let’s look at what it takes to add a Ketra lighting system to your home in Fountain Hills, AZ. 

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Integrates Exclusively with Lutron’s HomeWorks Luxury Control System

Integrating Ketra, the world's most advanced light source, into your home requires Lutron’s HomeWorks QSX processor to be able to leverage the power of both companies. The ultimate takeaway is a beautiful, customized, easy-to-control Ketra lighting system that responds quickly and effortlessly. Lighting can be controlled from custom keypads or the voice control tools that work with the HomeWorks QSX processor, such as, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. 

This integration also makes creating and editing scenes much less time-consuming. At Wipliance, we get to know our clients' lifestyles and daily activities, enabling our team to understand what programmed scenes will make their lives easier and more enjoyable. 

We can program a “Relax” scene that sets the lights to soft mesmerizing blue in the living room and the color of starlight in the yard. The “Natural” button will set the system to automatically adjust throughout the day, mimicking the dynamic nature of sunlight and helping you stay connected to the outdoors and in tune with your body’s natural rhythm.

Lightbar Slim

In 2021, Ketra's innovation continued with the Lightbar Slim. This product was developed as a result of clients wanting to add the Ketra lighting experience to small areas of their homes. Now, you can enjoy the magic of Ketra in undercabinet and shelving applications, to name a few. Our technicians and designers can create more immersive experiences and consistent lighting throughout the home.

Requires Expert Installation

Because HomeWorks QSX is a hard-wired solution, it offers greater reliability and the ability to expand, encompassing large estates, guest houses, and pool areas. In addition, it works with unlimited devices, integrating with a home’s security, HVAC system, shading, and audio-video. 

The electrical is wired hot for Ketra, carrying the current from the power source to each individual fixture. Acting as the initial power feed to a circuit means these wires are live, active, and always carrying electricity. These requirements are unique compared to traditional electrical wiring and require proper expertise and planning to execute well. 

All Ketra LED bulbs are also individually addressable. This means that each LED can light up with a unique color and intensity. It also means that you address and receive a status from every LED bulb in the home.

The good news is that while the installation is very technical, lighting control is effortless once it's installed. 

Wipliance has been providing home automation solutions for over 15 years. We specialize in using the latest technology to create customized solutions for our clients that are easy to use and enjoyable. To learn more about Ketra lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.