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What to Look for in a Home Automation Company

Here Are Four Important Questions to Ask

What to Look for in a Home Automation Company

Integrating home automation into your Redmond, WA home is not an easy task. While there’s no shortage of DIY smart devices and systems, making them all work together might seem daunting when you get beyond the simple things. If you’re a Microsoft or Google engineer, perhaps you enjoy dabbling in home automation for the fun and technical challenge. But even the most tech-savvy homeowners discover that doing serious home automation projects demand significant time and attention to detail. For most people, debugging things that don’t work consistently or quite right or is not how they want to spend their time. That’s the value you get from engaging a professional home automation company for your project.

How do you evaluate a home automation professional? To an extent, you will perform due diligence as you would with many other service providers, looking at verifiable reviews and getting recommendations from trusted people. But there are a few specific questions you can ask to get a better sense of what company will be the right smart home partner for your project. Let’s look at them in more depth below.

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1. Can you get references for similar work?

If you are building an 8000 square foot home in Redmond, chances are you want a builder experienced with similar-sized projects. You should look for the same level of experience in a home automation integrator. You should ask for references, and perhaps see a finished project if possible. You can also inquire whether the integrator has done commercial work. While some companies specialize purely in residential, commercial experience can also be a good measure of the breadth and depth of their skill set.

2. Is the company a CEDIA member?

CEDIA stands for the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, the premier professional association for the technology integration industry. It's a must-have credential for a home automation company. Among other requirements, CEDIA mandates members to have proper insurance coverages and licensing where needed. CEDIA members also pledge to abide by a code of ethics and take continuing education and training to keep current on technologies and best practices.

3. What brands does the company represent?

You can get a good sense of the strength of a home automation integrator by looking at which brands and technologies they work with. Does the company work with top brands in each category, like home automation, lighting control, and audio/video equipment? Are they an authorized dealer for these companies, and have they achieved a higher tier within the dealer network? These will be indicators of the level of the company.

4. What happens after the sale?

Naturally, you want a home automation company that's going to be around for the long haul. If you want to add a new feature or upgrade a part of your system, you would like to have the same company familiar with your installation to do it. Look for investments in the after-sale relationships, like service programs that maintain your system for pre-determined fees, remote monitoring and diagnostics that can ensure your system is running correctly and securely, and branded vehicles equipped with the right tools and equipment to provide efficient service. What you find will give you a better indication of how a company views the long-term client relationship.

As an example, Wipliance offers several levels of support for customers based on their needs. Wipliance Care service plans offer premium support like remote management and diagnostics, priority service call scheduling, and more. You can even communicate with us via your preferred method, be it email, text messaging, and our smartphone app.


Wipliance is an award-winning home automation company serving Redmond and the Seattle area. Contact our team here or send us a message in the chatbox below to learn more about how we can help with your project. We look forward to working with you!

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