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Enjoy Effortless Control of Daylight with Motorized Window Shades

Explore the Beauty & Benefits of Smart Window Coverings

Enjoy Effortless Control of Daylight with Motorized Window Shades

There’s something almost awe-inspiring watching shades that automatically open to let in the sun's first light. Whether it’s greeting a new day, the sunlight that helps create our “happy” hormone known as serotonin, or the simple beauty of an automated home, it can be truly breathtaking.

Motorized window shades, however, offer much more than beauty and an incredible way to start the day. They help protect your home from the scorching Scottdale, AZ, sun, provide privacy, and enhance the use of daylight in your home’s design. 

Let’s explore their many benefits and features and why this is one of our clients’ favorite smart home components.

New Aura Shades from Hunter Douglas Bring Daylight on Demand

Motorized Window Shades Continue to Advance

New Aura Shades from Hunter Douglas Bring Daylight on Demand

Motorized window shades are one of our clients’ favorite smart home technologies. Imagine shades that automatically raise and lower throughout the day, letting in diffuse sunlight while protecting fine art and furnishings. 

If sunlight's glare hits your computer screen or TV, one tap on a remote or touchscreen lowers the window shades. Smart shades enhance privacy and security while adding energy efficiency and, to a large degree, define a life of luxury.

One of our partners in this arena, Hunter Douglas, is coming out with a new line in the spring of 2023 that we’re excited to share with our clients. Aura Illuminated Shades take motorized window coverings to the next level, offering three solutions in one. Let’s explore this latest shade solution and what it can do for your home in Coeur D’Alene, ID.

Sleek, Modern Window Treatments from Lutron are Now Wire-Free

Custom Roller Shades Make Your Home Look Elegant with the Tap of a Button

Sleek, Modern Window Treatments from Lutron are Now Wire-Free

Motorized shades have changed the way homeowners live their lives in Kirkland, WA, and beyond. It may seem like a simple thing—not needing to go around to every window of the house to raise and lower shades—but it’s an incredible time-saver with the added bonuses of energy savings and style. 

With custom window treatments, you can add elegance to any room of your home. And now, Lutron’s Palladiom line of roller shades is wire-free, making this incredible smart home solution available to more homeowners than ever before. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about custom roller shades and why you should consider them for your home!

Why Plan for Motorized Shades at the Start of Your Home Build?

Explore the Many Advantages of Hardwired Custom Window Treatments

Why Plan for Motorized Shades at the Start of Your Home Build?

Motorized shades are a coveted solution for homes of all sizes and styles. By choosing powered shading solutions, homeowners can effortlessly master natural light with one-tap controls or automated schedules while improving privacy, security, and home décor.

If you want to go from manual to motorized, battery-powered shades are faster and more budget-friendly to install in an existing home than hardwired solutions, which require opening walls to run wire. But that’s where the benefits of battery-powered shades end. Ultimately, hardwired solutions offer more advantages related to style, performance, convenience, and sustainability.

To get the most out of your motorized shades, it’s best to plan for this smart home solution during new construction so that running wire can be pre-planned and more efficient. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of hardwired custom window treatments for your Scottsdale, AZ home.

8 Ways to Add Custom Motorized Window Treatments

Lutron Has a Powered Solution for Any Window

8 Ways to Add Custom Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized shades are an extremely popular option for smart homes in the Phoenix area, especially because they make it ultra-convenient to tame the Arizona desert sun. You might think that shades are the only option for powered solutions, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn there are many more options for motorized custom window treatments.

Lutron is a world leader in lighting control solutions. An integral part of those solutions is about managing natural light, and they offer an incredible variety of window treatments to fit the décor and architecture of just about any home. Read on below to explore eight of Lutron’s custom window treatment styles.

4 Shading Ideas for Your Living Room Windows

Enjoy Custom Motorized Window Treatments for Any Style and Need

4 Shading Ideas for Your Living Room Windows

Living rooms look different in every home, but they’re usually meant for the same things: relaxing and socializingMaybe you use your living room to read or watch TV. Maybe it’s where you entertain guests. How you use your living room will help you decide the best window treatments to add to your space.

Of course, there are other factors to consider, such as light, energy efficiency, and décor. Whatever your particular wants and needs, our team at Wipliance can design and install custom window treatments  for your Tempe, AZ living spaces that are just as beautiful as they are functional.

Need some inspiration? Read on to explore four motorized shading ideas for your living room windows.

How to Perfectly Shade Your Uniquely Shaped Windows

Our Window Treatments Can Be Custom-Fit for Any Arch or Angle

Windows throughout a home serve many purposes, like bringing natural light into your spaces and facilitating cross-ventilation so rooms feel fresh and dry. But more than that, windows help define your home’s unique style and can be custom-made in virtually any shape and size.

Specialty windows are beautiful additions to a home, but they’re often difficult to cover because of their bespoke shapes and sizes. Hard-to-reach windows like arched panes and skylights also pose a challenge for shading. To remedy this issue, our team works with industry-leading shading manufacturers like DEL, Lutron, and Hunter Douglas to deliver custom window treatments for any unique window shape.

For custom-fit motorized and fixed shading solutions, we have you covered. Read more to discover all the shading possibilities for the unique windows in your Phoenix, AZ home.