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5 Cringe-Worthy Mistakes in Common Home Lighting Plans

Work with Our Lighting Designers to Properly Illuminate Your Home

5 Cringe-Worthy Mistakes in Common Home Lighting Plans

During a home build, architects create a lighting plan that may look great on paper. The layout seems clean, symmetrical, and functional. Checks all around, right? Not necessarily. Too often, these plans aren’t designed with you in mind, which results in underwhelming and impractical lighting installations.

David Warfel, founding designer of Light Can Help You, presented at the CEDIA Virtual Expo last year on the Nine Deadly Sins of Lighting Layouts that his team sees all the time, and the home lighting designers at Wipliance couldn’t agree more. Below, we highlight five of these lighting mistakes we see most often in Seattle, WA, and surrounding areas. Have you seen these mistakes, too? Read on to find out.

Gain Design Inspiration for Your Interiors with Ketra Lighting

See the Magic of Tunable White LEDs at Our Ketra Design Center

Gain Design Inspiration for Your Interiors with Ketra Lighting

A lot of planning goes into the design of your home interiors. Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, it takes careful research and contemplation to choose the right elements for your spaces.

A key element of interior design that often gets overlooked is lighting. Your house lights don’t just help you see; they have the power to drastically alter the atmosphere and ambiance of any room. If lighting isn’t part of your interior design plans, then it’s time we introduce you to Ketra.

When you visit our Ketra Design Center, located just minutes south of Kirkland, WA, you’ll experience the unlimited potential of tunable white LED lighting technology and its ability to elevate your spaces with a wide range of pristine whites and vibrant colors. Read this blog for a sneak-peek into what our Ketra Design Center has in store for your home interiors. Get ready to be inspired!

Control Your Homes with Control4 Smart Home Automation

Many Residences, One Smart Solution

Control Your Homes with Control4 Smart Home Automation

If you already enjoy smart home automation in your Scottsdale-area home or if you’re simply getting started in learning about home automation, you’ve undoubtedly come across the company Control4. Control4 has been in the automation industry since 2003 and has been known for its innovation since its inception.

Control4 is capable of not only controlling the smart home solutions in one residence but multiple residences. Homeowners like you can control dimmable lighting systems, motorized shades, smart thermostats and more with ease with one Control4 home automation system. You can dim the lights in your Scottsdale, AZ home, then check the security cameras in your lake home, all from the convenience of a Control4 OS 3 app on your smart device.

Keep reading the blog to learn about the smart home solutions you can manage with the convenience of a smart home automation system by Control4.

3 Ways Control4 Helps Optimize Productivity for Your Business

Say Goodbye to Wasted Time and Energy with a Smart Conference Room System

3 Ways Control4 Helps Optimize Productivity for Your Business

Your conference room is the heart of your business. It’s a crucial space meant for training staff, hosting clients, conducting meetings, brainstorming business processes and more. Because of its integral role, your conference room should be fully equipped to optimize productivity and efficiency every time you use it.

By connecting the right technologies with a Control4 conference room system, you’ll host more productive meetings in less time, simplify daily operations, lower overhead costs, increase energy efficiency and even improve the comfort of your staff and clients. Keep reading to explore the cutting-edge conference room solutions your Seattle, Washington-area business needs now.

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