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How to Enjoy Whole-Home Audio without Complication or Clutter

Make Unsightly Audio Equipment a Thing of the Past with Control4

How to Enjoy Whole-Home Audio without Complication or Clutter

One of the greatest complements to life is music. It entertains us while we work and sets the mood for parties and holidays. It aids in relaxation, helps us concentrate, and lifts our spirits. Such a powerful tool shouldn’t be confined to a single room. Break the boundaries with whole-home audio!

whole-home audio system lets you enjoy music anywhere and everywhere in your Scottsdale, AZ home. Beyond the luxury of whole-home listening, a professionally installed system like Control4 offers simple control of music sources and room locations without the clutter of unsightly audio gear—a big perk for homeowners who put great care into their interior design. Learn how below!

Enjoy Your Home Audio with the Neeo Remote from Control4

Designed with Style, Ease and Comfort in Mind for Effortless Control of Your Music and More

Enjoy Your Home Audio with the Neeo Remote from Control4

One of the benefits of owning a home automation system is the luxury of commanding your devices from a single platform. For instance, think about all the technology that makes up your home audio system. By integrating your speakers, amplifiers, receiver, and media sources, you turn a frustrating pile of remotes into one easy-to-use solution.

Control4 is famously known for simplifying smart home control for the homeowner. Continuing this goal, Control4 has recently introduced the Neeo, a stylish remote that blends touchscreen intuitiveness with convenient tactile buttons for easy access to and control of all your media and more.

Let us help you decide if the Neeo is the right controller for the audio system in your Scottsdale, AZ home. Learn more about the notable features and benefits of the Neeo remote below.

Prepare Your Home Audio System Before the Summer Heat Gets Here

Get Ready for Summer Fun with Distributed Home Audio in Seattle

Prepare Your Home Audio System Before the Summer Heat Gets Here

While you may not be thinking this far ahead, the summer months are right around the corner. And with the summer months comes the fun outdoor gathering season with friends that includes sitting around the fire pit enjoying your favorite beverages and your favorite tunes.

Instead of using your small Bluetooth wireless speaker with a limited range like you did last summer, why not incorporate your outdoor audio entertainment into your existing – or upgraded - home audio system.

Read on to learn how you can liven up your Seattle, WA outdoor entertainment spaces.

What Is Multiroom Audio? We Highlight the Basics and Benefits

Enjoy High-Quality Audio Anywhere and Everywhere in Your Home with Control4

What Is Multiroom Audio? We Highlight the Basics and Benefits

Music plays a big role in creating the perfect atmosphere at home, whether we’re relaxing on the couch, exercising in the basement gym, cooking in the kitchen, or hosting a party outdoors. What if you could control the audio in every space of your property from the same device—at the same time?

A multiroom audio system from Control4 allows for effortless control of high-quality music and media everywhere or in individual rooms that have connected speakers. From a single controller, you can blanket any zone in your home with immersive sound to complement the task at hand.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the basics and benefits of a distributed home audio system from Control4 and provide next steps for how to bring multiroom audio to your Scottsdale, AZ living space.

What You Should Know Before Installing a Home Audio System

Control4 versus Sonos: What’s the Best Multiroom Home Audio System?

What You Should Know Before Installing a Home Audio System

A Control4 home audio system gives you the power to listen to incredible sound while watching movies or listening to music, and you can also control your entire integrated home automation system with the tap of a button on a touch panel, smart remote, or your smartphone. You can also listen to different audio sources in various areas of your home—the kids can stream the big game on your outdoor patio speakers while relaxing music is playing throughout your kitchen and dining areas as you finish preparation on all of the game-day snacks.

Many people ask why they should consider Control4 instead of merely adding Sonos speakers for audio throughout their home in a DIY fashion. In this blog, we’ll cover how Control4 provides more value per audio zone within your home, perfect for distributed home audio in your Phoenix, AZ-area home.

Beginner’s Guide to Focal Home Audio

Discover the Difference of Focal Speaker Solutions for Your Home Audio System

Beginner’s Guide to Focal Home Audio

Music plays a significant role in our lives, whether we know it or not. It stirs our creativity and motivates our workouts; it gives us energy and can even help us sleep at night. No matter how you use music in your Scottsdale, Arizona-area home, the quality of that music is only as good as the speakers you use to listen.

When you immerse yourself in your favorite songs with high-end speakers by Focal, you’ll explore new realms of listening enjoyment you didn’t know were possible. But what exactly sets Focal apart from other high-end stereo speaker brands? Read below to discover the difference and learn why you should consider incorporating Focal speakers into your home audio system.

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