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Keep an Eye on Your Home When You’re Away with the Help of Home Automation

Let a Home Automation Company Secure Your Home with Remote Access

Keep an Eye on Your Home When You’re Away with the Help of Home Automation

So, you’ve made your way from the frigid climates to the warm desert of Phoenix, AZ, to enjoy the weather, relax with friends, and sit by the pool until the end of spring begins to thaw the northern realms. Smart move. For some, it’s easy to leave their home behind, knowing they have a good neighbor to keep an eye on it or one of their family members to hold down the fort. 

For others, however, leaving their home unattended can be unsettling. Extreme weather conditions, thieves that set their sights on unoccupied homes, and months wondering if all is well back home can take their toll. What should be a relaxing and enjoyable interlude turns into a worrisome experience.

The great news is that integrating a few smart home devices or a whole home automation system can dispel your concerns. As a home automation company serving Phoenix, AZ, many of our clients are snowbirds that share their time between two states. Once we set them up with remote access and they know their home is secure, they can spend time relaxing and let their worries drift away in the warmth of an Arizona sun. Let’s see how it’s done.

Lutron’s New RadioRA 3 System: All You Need to Know

What RadioRA 3 Means for Your Home’s Lighting Control 

Lutron’s New RadioRA 3 System: All You Need to Know

After ten years in the making, Lutron is releasing its new RadioRA 3 smart lighting software. RadioRA 3’s new all-in-one processor combines the repeater and connector bridge we saw in RadioRA 2 and uses a new and improved communication prototype, ClearConnect RF. 

What does this mean? Essentially, all new Lutron products will run on RadioRA 3 with superior performance and added benefits, like new, simplified software. Homeowners who already use RadioRA 2 Lutron lighting control can easily upgrade their system to RadioRA 3 with help from a Lutron dealer. 

Should you update your system? What will change? We answer all your questions about RadioRA 3 below so you can make the best decision for your Mercer Island, WA home. 

What to Expect from a Distinguished Control4 Smart Home Consultant

Plus, Learn How to Find a Notable Control4 Dealer in Your Area

What to Expect from a Distinguished Control4 Smart Home Consultant

When looking for a landscaper or painter to service your home, you don’t choose blindly. Instead, you look at their qualifications, experience, and reputation to ensure they’re a reliable company or contractor you can trust.

The same research should be done when choosing a Control4 smart home consultant. While you’ll find many Control4 dealers in the Fountain Hills, AZ area, they’re not all the same. A distinguished Control4 dealer is armed with the knowledge and experience to recommend and deliver the very best solutions for your unique needs.

But that’s not the only benefit of working with a Control4 dealer of record. Below, discover the qualities of a distinguished Control4 dealer and learn how to find one near you.

Traveling Again? Keep Watch Over Your Home with Control4

Work with a Control4 Home Automation Company to Put Peace of Mind at Your Fingertips

Traveling Again? Keep Watch Over Your Home with Control4

Are you ready to start traveling again this season? If you’re like most of the world, you’re looking forward to getting out of the house and vacationing with friends and family. It’s time to have fun! Plus, with Control4, you can shed some stress by checking in on things at home from wherever you are.

Whether you want to keep tabs on your primary residence while on the road or manage your vacation home—or both, Wipliance can deliver a personalized Control4 system that lets you monitor and control your lights, locks, security cameras, thermostats, and more from anywhere.

Read below to discover how Control4 grants you peace of mind while you travel, then partner with our home automation company to bring the power of Control4 to your Phoenix, AZ property.

7 Standout Features of Smart Home Automation Isn’t Your Run-of-the-Mill Voice Control Platform

7 Standout Features of Smart Home Automation

“What makes different from Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?” That’s a question we hear often, and we hope to answer it here. The simple answer is that isn’t just voice control for your smart home devices but a smart home automation platform with a focus on voice control.

While Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can still be fine options for controlling your Redmond, WA home by voice, offers a tier of luxury, privacy, scalability, and reliability that other voice control platforms can’t. Keep reading to discover seven standout features of below.

4 Common Misconceptions About Smart Home Automation – Busted!

Discover the Scalability, Convenience and Personalization of Control4

4 Common Misconceptions About Smart Home Automation – Busted!

There are two ways you can add smarts to your home: the do-it-yourself way or the do-it-for-me way (or a hybrid of the two). There’s nothing wrong with taking on the project yourself, but you’ll eliminate frustration and enjoy a much more intuitive and reliable result when you bring in a professional installer.

While many homeowners in Phoenix, AZ agree that a professional smart home automation installation offers more rewards than a DIY installation, some worry that they’ll lose the ability to expand or personalize their system later on, or they’ll be limited to a narrow selection of products and brands that they can add to their smart home system. We’re here to bust these myths!

Keep reading to learn the truth about the incredible scalability, convenience, and personalization of Control4 home automation.

Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Smart Home Technology?

Ensure Your Devices Are Built on a Strong Foundation, Play Well Together, and Are Easy to Control

Why Hire a Professional to Install Your Smart Home Technology?

There’s no doubt that smart homes are steadily gaining popularity in Tempe, AZ and all around the country. In fact, technological advancements and home automation have turned the idea of connected living from a coveted luxury to an expectation for many homebuyers.

While it might be tempting to shop online for the latest smart devices and install them yourself, you’ll run the risk of purchasing devices that don’t communicate well with each other and aren’t designed for scale. Plus, you may overload your network in the process and even run into security issues.

Ensure a comprehensive and reliable smart home by working with Wipliance instead. Keep reading to discover the key benefits of hiring a professional to install your smart home automation system.

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