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DMF’s IX Series Might Be the Most Versatile Recessed Lighting Ever

DMF Small Aperture Lighting Can Do It All

What do Range Rovers, Swiss Army Knives, and vinegar have in common? They are all known as super-versatile products. Your Range Rover can luxuriously whisk you to Old Town Scottsdale by night and go overlanding on a rocky Arizona desert trail the next day. Your Swiss Army knife has a variety of nifty tools, from screwdrivers to wine openers, and vinegar has a surprising array of cleaning uses well beyond salad dressing.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were lighting that had that many uses? DMF’s IX Series LED is just that. DMF designed this LED lighting to fit in better with the modern, sleek looks of today’s contemporary homes. At Wipliance, your local recessed lighting installation company, we’re proud to partner with DMF to offer this versatile new option for your Scottsdale home. Keep reading below to learn more about it!

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Why Small Aperture? 

Small aperture lights, as the name implies, are lighting fixtures with a smaller opening. A common size for traditional ceiling recessed lighting is 6 inches. The 2-inch width of the IX series  allows for more lights and fits into more ceiling designs. The smaller aperture makes this fixture useful for all types of lighting applications. Also, some homes are using small aperture speakers for whole-home audio, and these lights offer a matching look. 

Outsized Performance

In the past, smaller aperture lighting couldn't generate enough brightness for some spaces without using too many lights. The IX Series delivers up to 1250 lumens of brightness, as bright as older 120-watt incandescent spots. With a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 93, all your colors, textures, and finishes will look true to life. In addition, DMF guarantees dimming compatibility with all major lighting control solutions like Lutron and offers a ten-year warranty on the fixtures.

Multiple Trims and Installation

The modular housing lets you use different fixtures, like square or round. Different color trims blend into the ceiling, and the fixtures can also be installed without a flange in drywall and millwork to accommodate sleek, discreet looks. 

Incredible Versatility

These lights can go beyond the typical ambient light applications. The size makes them perfect for wall wash effects for highlighting a wall. They can also be used for task lighting over a kitchen work area and can double as accent lights to bring out the color and beauty of a prized artwork. These lights can also go into ceilings on covered patios. With these cool running LED lights, you have superb brightness and performance without worrying about clearances for heat that could plague traditional cans. 


Are you ready for more stylish, modern, and efficient recessed lighting? Call us for a free consultation, contact us here or send us a message below! We look forward to working with you.

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