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Enjoy Effortless Control of Daylight with Motorized Window Shades

Explore the Beauty & Benefits of Smart Window Coverings

Enjoy Effortless Control of Daylight with Motorized Window Shades

There’s something almost awe-inspiring watching shades that automatically open to let in the sun's first light. Whether it’s greeting a new day, the sunlight that helps create our “happy” hormone known as serotonin, or the simple beauty of an automated home, it can be truly breathtaking.

Motorized window shades, however, offer much more than beauty and an incredible way to start the day. They help protect your home from the scorching Scottdale, AZ, sun, provide privacy, and enhance the use of daylight in your home’s design. 

Let’s explore their many benefits and features and why this is one of our clients’ favorite smart home components.

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The Right Style & Fabric for Every Window

At Wipliance, we specialize in creating custom smart home solutions that bring ease of living and enjoyment. One of our partners that helps us achieve this is Lutron, a world leader in lighting control. Their vast selection of smart window coverings ensures the perfect choice for your home’s aesthetics and uses. 

A few examples include sleek and stylish roller shades for a modern look, draperies that impart an air of elegance and grace, and Venetian blinds for total control of the amount of light entering a room. Horizontal sheer blinds combine the soft beauty of sheer fabric with the precise control of daylight offered by blinds. 

Shades come in various opacities, including blackout fabrics that block the light, and are an ideal solution for bedrooms and media rooms. Sheer fabrics retain beautiful outdoor views while filtering sunlight and protecting your home from harmful UV rays. 

Custom shades cover hard-to-reach windows, such as skylights, clerestory, or floor-to-ceiling windows. These window coverings maintain precise control of daylight and privacy with one touch of a button.

Managing Daylight & Privacy Effortlessly

You can open or close one or every shade in your home via elegant in-wall keypads, touch screens, or your smartphone app. Let in filtered sunlight knowing you can lower your shades in an instant, whether across a row of windows or your skylights. Better yet, let your smart home do it for you.

Now, you can enjoy the beauty of early morning sunlight with shades that automatically close when the sun’s direct rays increase the temperature or start fading the furniture or floors. Thanks to sensors and programming based on the time of day or location of the sun, your smart window coverings close when a room gets too warm. We can also program the shades to rise when the sun hits the horizon, so you never miss another beautiful Arizona sunset. When dusk descends, they close for privacy.

As a Lutron Black Diamond Dealer, you can be assured we understand the many intricacies of motorized window shades and the best uses for your unique setting and home’s design. Customized programming delivers the perfect level of daylight and privacy while considering your lifestyle and daily activities. To learn more about motorized window shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.