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Hunter Douglas Aura Illuminated Shades Bring Daylight and Elevate Ambiance on Demand

Motorized Window Shades Continue to Advance

Hunter Douglas Aura Illuminated Shades Bring Daylight and Elevate Ambiance on Demand

Motorized window shades are one of our clients’ favorite smart home technologies. Imagine shades that automatically raise and lower throughout the day, letting in diffuse sunlight while protecting fine art and furnishings. 

If sunlight's glare hits your computer screen or TV, one tap on a remote or touchscreen lowers the window shades. Smart shades enhance privacy and security while adding energy efficiency and, to a large degree, define a life of luxury.

Hunter Douglas Aura Illuminated Shades take motorized window coverings to the next level, offering three solutions in one. Let’s explore this latest shade solution and what it can do for your home in Coeur D’Alene, ID.

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Hunter Douglas Aura Illuminated Shades

Hunter Douglas Aura Illuminated Shades incorporate a textured front shade and a room-darkening liner, complete with integrated lighting. The room darkening element blocks out most light and is a perfect solution for media rooms, living rooms that double as entertainment spaces, and bedrooms.

These shades also, for the first time, incorporate built-in LED strip lights that can simulate daylight. You can adjust the lighting from dim to bright and from cool to warm. This enables homeowners to create the perfect setting, enhancing productivity with brighter lighting and creating a soft, warm glow for relaxing in the evenings. 

The even illumination gives the illusion of sunlight streaming through the window shades and is achieved by a two-part reflective shade that drops down behind the decorative fabric. The LED lights wash down on the reflective finish, creating the illusion of sunlight.

The Benefits of Aura Shades and Custom Window Treatments

Natural light elevates our moods, increases productivity, and improves our health. The problem is that daylight also contains UV rays that damage a home's interior. Smart window coverings bring in just enough diffuse sunlight, offering a warm and relaxing space protected from harmful rays. These hardwired window treatments raise and lower based on preset schedules, the sun’s direct light, temperature changes, and even a room’s occupancy. Or, you can open or close your shades with just a tap of a button on the Powerview App.

Hunter Douglas’s vast selection of varying styles and materials enables us to find the perfect window treatment for your lifestyle and environment in a manner that enhances your home’s aesthetics and design. Select from three favored shade styles for the front panel of your Aura shades: Vignette ® Modern Roman Shades, Designer Roller Shades, and Sonnette ® Cellular Roller Shades. Each provides privacy, light control, and energy efficiency. For example, cellular shades contain honeycomb-like cells that trap air, providing a layer of insulation between your windows and room and offering the highest energy efficiency. 

At Wipliance, our integrators provide the latest smart home automation technology, specializing in customized solutions that are easy to use and enhance your everyday lives. To learn more about the latest motorized window coverings or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today. 

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