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Enjoy the Best Entertainment with an Outdoor Sound System

Extend Your Living Space with Today’s Outdoor Entertainment

Enjoy the Best Entertainment with an Outdoor Sound System

With crystal-clear waters and breathtaking tree-lined shores, Hayden Lake, ID, is known for its natural beauty. A love of nature calls many people to this small community, and the draw to the great outdoors can be seen in their home’s outdoor spaces. From heat lamps to custom-built fire pits and patios with motorized outdoor shades, they’ve found a way to extend their living spaces and make the most of every season. 

At Wipliance, we help Idaho homeowners turn their backyards into outdoor oases, a place to watch the latest blockbuster movies under the stars and listen to their favorite music fill the air. One of our clients’ favorite additions is outdoor sound systems. Outdoor audio has changed dramatically over the last several years, with high-performance brands responding to the growing demand for enhanced outdoor living. 

As spring approaches, it’s an excellent time to consider how you want to experience your outdoor spaces. Let’s explore the many options and how the latest technology brings music and sound to every corner of your property.

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Heard But Not Seen

Today’s outdoor audio was built for the sometimes-harsh winter conditions. These systems are designed to withstand snow, ice, heat, and dirt, delivering pristine audio from an unseen source. Satellite speakers look like landscape lights and blend seamlessly with your outdoor area. 

In-ground subwoofers deliver the all-important bass. Through strategic placement, we direct the audio toward the areas where your friends and family congregate and away from your neighbors. The result is a dynamic, high-fidelity sound that doesn’t disturb your friends next door.

At Wipliance, we partner with industry leaders in entertainment and home automation. One of our favorite partners in outdoor speakers is Origin Acoustics, leaders in audio innovation who changed the industry with the invention of architectural high-fidelity loudspeakers. 

In addition to landscape speakers, they offer in-ceiling speakers ideal in enclosed patio areas, delivering nearly invisible aesthetics and the pure reproduction of sound—acoustic beauty at its best. For those who want the ultimate sound reproduction, Landscape Bollard Loudspeakers with integrated subterranean subwoofers offer 360 degrees of beautifully detailed audio.

Getting in the Zone

For larger properties, we create separate zones, enabling different audio to be heard across your outdoor spaces simultaneously. One group of friends may enjoy a sporting event on your outdoor TV while others in the spa tune into their favorite playlist. When part of your whole-home audio system, you can select any audio source and where you want to hear it with one tap on a touch screen.  

Integrated with Your Home Automation

Control your outdoor oasis using a handheld remote, keypad, or mobile device. We can program your system so you can manage your outdoor lighting, gas fire pits, heaters, shades, and outdoor entertainment with one touch. For instance, press the ‘Outdoor Dining’ button, and the landscape and patio lights transform to preset hues, your ‘Under the Stars’ playlist fills the air, and the fire pit ignites. 

At Wipliance,  we specialize in customized technology solutions that are easy to use and enhance our clients’ everyday lives. To learn more about outdoor sound systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.