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Experience Home Entertainment at Its Best

Discover How Wipliance is Turning Rooms into Immersive Home Theaters

Experience Home Entertainment at Its Best

The possibilities in home entertainment have gone into overdrive over the last decade. From whole-home audio that brings stunning high-fidelity music to every room of your home to outdoor TVs that can be viewed in full sun without losing their vibrant images, there’s no shortage of remarkable technology that’s shifting how we spend our time at home.

However, some of the greatest transformations have been seen in the world of home theaters. Advanced home projectors and surround sound technology first witnessed in the movie Brave leave us with nothing short of breathtaking entertainment that rivals the leading venues in Scottsdale, AZ. 

Let’s discover how you can enjoy the best entertainment imaginable, all from the comfort of your home.

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The Lifelike Image

Whether traversing through the Italian countryside or immersed in the blue-green waters of the Aegean Sea, the best movie-watching experiences take you away from the home theater of your dreams and into the image on the screen. To accomplish this, you need bigger-than-life, crystal-clear images that beckon you to enter another world. 

True 4K HDR projectors use cutting-edge technologies that deliver vibrant colors, rich textures, and smooth cinematic motion, resulting in stunning images. Today’s home theater projectors are a far cry from their predecessors, offering a realism once unattainable and supporting you in transforming the experience from “watching” to “being.”

Unsurpassed Sound

While lifelike images are essential in creating a world that transcends the ordinary, it’s the sound that engulfs you, helping you lose your attachment to “reality” and enter the journey on the big screen. 

To help you realize this, our AV experts at Wipliance design and install one of the most realistic audio systems, enabling the surround-sound format known as Dolby Atmos. This 3D soundstage is created by treating audio as an object, enabling sound technicians to place it anywhere in a sphere that surrounds you. 

Within this sphere, movie sounds come to life. The hummingbird flies past you before darting overhead. The thunderstorm erupts around and above you. In addition to the unique configuration, we partner with industry leaders in home theater audio, ensuring in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that don’t detract from your cinema’s design yet deliver stunning, high-fidelity audio.

The Comfort of Home

Another essential home theater element is comfort. Any aches or pains are sure to distract you and take you away from the immersive sensory undertaking. Today’s custom home theater seating is ergonomically designed, supporting your body in total comfort. 

This experience should also be a simple affair, like walking into a commercial venue, grabbing popcorn and a drink, and kicking back while the darkness descends. In our home theaters, you simply press a button, and the lights dim, the projector and audio turn on, and your extremely comfortable chair reclines. 

And that’s the tip of the iceberg in creating an immersive home theater. To discover more or explore the many options, contact Wipliance today.