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How to Perfectly Shade Your Uniquely Shaped Windows

Our Window Treatments Can Be Custom-Fit for Any Arch or Angle

How to Perfectly Shade Your Uniquely Shaped Windows

Windows throughout a home serve many purposes, like bringing natural light into your spaces and facilitating cross-ventilation so rooms feel fresh and dry. But more than that, windows help define your home’s unique style and can be custom-made in virtually any shape and size.

Specialty windows are beautiful additions to a home, but they’re often difficult to cover because of their bespoke shapes and sizes. Hard-to-reach windows like arched panes and skylights also pose a challenge for shading. To remedy this issue, our team works with industry-leading shading manufacturers like DEL, Lutron, and Hunter Douglas to deliver custom window treatments for any unique window shape.

For custom-fit motorized and fixed shading solutions, we have you covered. Read more to discover all the shading possibilities for the unique windows in your Phoenix, AZ home.

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DEL Customization, Lutron Performance

When it comes to motorized roller shades, Lutron stands above the competition. Sophisticated in design and ultra-quiet in performance, Lutron shades elevate any space while offering privacy and light control at the touch of a button. Lutron integrates seamlessly with your home automation system and features a variety of control options, from handheld remotes and wall keypads to apps and voice commands.

Lutron partners with DEL Motorized Solutions to modify their shades for specialty windows so that any homeowner can enjoy the integration and performance of Lutron—no matter their window styles. DEL is known for their custom-design automated shading solutions for arched, angled, and other architectural windows. Together, Lutron and DEL tackle the most unique windows to deliver shading that’s smart and beautiful.

Wired and Wireless Motorized Solutions

Lutron roller shades that are customized by DEL require wiring for operation, which is best for new construction projects or major home renovations since running wire through the walls is easier. Plus, hardwired shades offer superior reliability and rid you of the hassle of recharging batteries. If you’re building a new home and are considering custom-fit motorized shades, be sure to plan early.

However, not all hope is lost for existing homes in need of custom-fit motorized shades. DEL can also modify Lutron battery-powered honeycomb shades for retrofit applications. Lutron insulating honeycomb shades seamlessly integrate with your home automation system, offer various control options, and have a battery lifespan of 2 to 5 years.

Specialty-Shaped Fixed Shades

Does your home have specialty-shaped windows that need fixed shading solutions? DEL Motorized Solutions also integrates with Hunter Douglas, a premier manufacturer of custom window shades, to design beautiful non-operable shading solutions for any window.

Hunter Douglas fixed shading is perfect for unique ceiling windows and skylights to which you can’t run a wire or that require a permanent shade for sunlight protection. Their offerings feature several materials, colors, and openness factors to complement your interiors and filter sunlight to your exact specifications.

As a certified Lutron and Hunter Douglas dealer, Wipliance can install beautifully curated shades that perfectly mold to your windows, complement your interiors, and integrate with your smart home. We’d love to work with you on your shading project. To learn more about our services, connect with us here or use the chat box below to speak to a team member today.

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