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Indoor or Outdoor Motorized Shades: Which Are Best for Your Goals?

We Look into Key Factors that May Help You Decide

Indoor or Outdoor Motorized Shades: Which Are Best for Your Goals?

At the most basic level, indoor and outdoor blinds and shades help secure our homes from heat, cold, and outside onlookers. Beyond this need, window treatments offer a decorative benefit as well. Take it a step further, and motorized window treatments add incredible convenience to your everyday routine by allowing you to automate the repetitive task of adjusting your blinds and shades throughout the day.

If you’re considering motorized window treatments for your home, a common quandary you may face is whether or not to purchase indoor or outdoor motorized window treatments. Both come with their own set of advantages, and each is typically used to accomplish different goals.

Take a look at some key factors below that may help you decide which solution will be best for your home in Scottsdale, AZ.

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As we mentioned above, a key reason to invest in window treatments is to help keep your home cool in the hot Arizona summers and warm when winter comes along. Window treatments help block heat and cold from entering or escaping the home so that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work so hard.

As an Arizonian, you’re likely more concerned about the heat that sticks around most of the year. Blocking the sun before it enters a window is the most effective way to reduce heat gain. In fact, mounting solar shades on the outside of your windows blocks up to 97% of heat and UV rays before the sun enters through the window. Exterior solar shades also reduce unwanted glare while preserving your outdoor views.

Interior shades are more effective for insulating the home during winter. Particularly for cold climates, interior shades would likely be the better option as indoor window treatments won’t be affected by snow and sleet. However, certain interior shades help reduce heat gain as well. Cellular shades, for example, can block up to 80% of solar heat, thanks to their pleated air-trapping design. If you want motorized window treatments that block both heat and UV rays, then opt for interior solar shades.

It’s important to note that fabric openness and color play a big role, too. Openness refers to how tight the weave is, which directly reflects the amount of light that comes through the fabric. A low openness factor means that the fabric is more tightly woven, which provides less visibility through the shade but more sun blockage. A high openness factor features a looser weave and greater visibility but less sun blockage. Dark-colored fabrics control glare better because they absorb more light, while light-colored fabrics reflect heat better than dark fabrics and thus help you save more on cooling costs.


If you’re looking for motorized window treatments that add style to your home interior, then indoor shades are the best option. Our team partners with Lutron and Hunter Douglas to offer a wide variety of indoor motorized shading solutions for all tastes. Choose from roller shades, honeycomb shades, wood and metal blinds, side panels and drapery, horizontal sheer blinds, and more.

That’s not to say exterior shades can’t create a positive impression on passersby. Outdoor motorized window treatments from Screen Innovations and Insolroll are sleek, modern, and come in a variety of durable exterior colors hand-picked by designers. Outdoor shades can add curb appeal to your home and offer a nice finishing touch to patios, sunrooms, and large exterior windows. Plus, outdoor shades keep hardware out of the window so as not to block your views.


It probably goes without saying, but outdoor shades typically cost more than indoor shades because they call for more durable material and construction as they’re under the direct exposure of the environment. Outdoor shades are exposed to harsh winds, rain, snow, excessive heat, debris, insects—you name it. Their ensured longevity comes at a price. However, cost will vary greatly depending on your goals—whether for indoor or outdoor shades. If you have a budget in mind, our team can work within your constraints to find the best motorized window treatment solution for your needs.

Whatever your vision, our team at Wipliance is here to help. We specialize in custom motorized window treatment design and installation for homes all over the Scottsdale area. Schedule a free consultation today by filling out our contact form or sending us a live chat below. We look forward to assisting you!

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