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Lutron’s New RadioRA 3 System: All You Need to Know

What RadioRA 3 Means for Your Home’s Lighting Control 

Lutron’s New RadioRA 3 System: All You Need to Know

After ten years in the making, Lutron is releasing its new RadioRA 3 smart lighting software. RadioRA 3’s new all-in-one processor combines the repeater and connector bridge we saw in RadioRA 2 and uses a new and improved communication prototype, ClearConnect RF. 

What does this mean? Essentially, all new Lutron products will run on RadioRA 3 with superior performance and added benefits, like new, simplified software. Homeowners who already use RadioRA 2 Lutron lighting control can easily upgrade their system to RadioRA 3 with help from a Lutron dealer. 

Should you update your system? What will change? We answer all your questions about RadioRA 3 below so you can make the best decision for your Mercer Island, WA home. 

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What Is RadioRA 3? 

RadioRA 3 is a whole-home lighting system that connects to and controls your Lutron lights, shades, and sensors. RadioRA 3 is an upgrade from the previous RadioRA 2 and is the ideal solution for large, luxury homes. Its sophisticated controls and elegant keypads make an excellent option for retrofit installations, replacing original lighting switches. 

What Are the Benefits of Switching to RadioRA 3? 

Whether you already use a RadioRA 2 lighting system or are new to Lutron, Radio RA 3 offers many new advancements. All new developments, such as Lutron’s stylish new Sunnata devices, will run on RadioRA 3. Users will use the Lutron mobile app rather than the Lutron Connect app, which offers a more seamless experience. 

Plus, RadioRA 3’s simplified software will save lots of time when setting up a system. Devices can be managed across the entire system and are no longer assigned to individual repeaters. Creating floor, room, and sub-room hierarchies will be much more intuitive. RadioRA 3 is still new, so as time goes on, more updates will be pushed through firmware upgrades, phasing everything from RadioRA 2 into 3. 

Are My RadioRA2 Devices Compatible with A RadioRA 3 System? 

RadioRA 3 is backward-compatible with most RadioRA 2 products. However, a small number of devices won’t be able to run on 3 software. If you own wall box power modules or GRAFIK T style devices, they are not supported on RadioRA 3 at this time. Luckily, we can design a RadioRA 2 system to work with RadioRA 3 upgrades. 

Should I Switch to RadioRA 3? 

If you love to experience the latest and greatest in smart home technology, convert your system to RadioRA 3! You’ll enjoy all the newest keypads, dimmers, and shading solutions moving forward. A Lutron dealer like Wipliance can upgrade your system for you. 

But before switching, be aware that RA 3 only supports up to 100 Lutron devices as of now. Currently, a RA 2 setup with two main repeaters can run up to 200 devices. Soon, we’ll have the ability to pair two RA 3 processors to create one system of up to 400 electronics. But if you live in a large luxury home that needs more than 100 devices, it may be best to wait for RadioRA 3. 

We can easily convert existing RadioRA 2 programming to the new RA 3 system. So even if you’re not ready for 3 yet, we can make that upgrade in the future.

How Do I Upgrade? 

RadioRA 3 can only be installed by a certified Lutron dealer. We expect quite a demand for RadioRA 3 at the beginning of 2022, and heading into 2023. So, if you’re interested, contact Wipliance to start your upgrade today. 

Are you still using an original RadioRA system? Lutron is offering a replacement that will save you 20% on a new RadioRA 2 system (this discount is not applicable on any RadioRA3 purchases or upgrades). Connect with us here to learn more and find the best lighting solutions for your home.

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