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Prepare Your Home Audio System Before the Summer Heat Gets Here

Get Ready for Summer Fun with Distributed Home Audio in Seattle

Prepare Your Home Audio System Before the Summer Heat Gets Here

While you may not be thinking this far ahead, the summer months are right around the corner. And with the summer months comes the fun outdoor gathering season with friends that includes sitting around the fire pit enjoying your favorite beverages and your favorite tunes.

Instead of using your small Bluetooth wireless speaker with a limited range like you did last summer, why not incorporate your outdoor audio entertainment into your existing – or upgraded - home audio system.

Read on to learn how you can liven up your Seattle, WA outdoor entertainment spaces.

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Bring Indoor Audio, Outdoors

Everything you love to listen to indoors can transition to your outdoor entertainment spaces with just a tap of a button. With a Control4 audio system, you can divide your home (indoors and outside) into 4- or 8-zones to allow different music to play in each of these areas separately, or have the same music throughout the house.

You can even bring the audio of your favorite sports game from your media room to your patio! You won’t miss a beat or a play with an expanded home audio system.

Speaker Placement

Wipliance can expertly design and install your outdoor speaker system to ensure every inch of your backyard is engulfed in music, without disturbing the neighbors’ delicate sensibilities too much.

By directing multiple satellite speakers inwards towards your outdoor seating areas, spa or pool, the sound is directed towards the listener. It can be played at lower volumes, reducing the need to blare music across the yard.

Speaker Options

For thumping bass during your favorite rock and roll tunes, landscape bollard loudspeakers from Origin Acoustics will serve you well. All of the wiring is buried safely underground, and the powder-coated aluminum enclosure is designed to withstand the elements of every season Seattle experiences.

Rock-style speakers - like those seen in the above photo - are perfect for any style of music, not just rock and roll. No matter the genre, these speakers come in subwoofer or satellite offerings and are meant to blend in seamlessly with your landscaping. No one will know where the sound is coming from, and your backyard will look great while sounding great, too!

If you’re ready to take your tunes from indoors to the great outdoors this upcoming summer, call us today at (425) 702-8600 to get started on an expanded home audio system. You can also chat with us below or fill out our online contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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