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What You Should Know Before Installing a Home Audio System

Control4 versus Sonos: What’s the Best Multiroom Home Audio System?

What You Should Know Before Installing a Home Audio System

A Control4 home audio system gives you the power to listen to incredible sound while watching movies or listening to music, and you can also control your entire integrated home automation system with the tap of a button on a touch panel, smart remote, or your smartphone. You can also listen to different audio sources in various areas of your home—the kids can stream the big game on your outdoor patio speakers while relaxing music is playing throughout your kitchen and dining areas as you finish preparation on all of the game-day snacks.

Many people ask why they should consider Control4 instead of merely adding Sonos speakers for audio throughout their home in a DIY fashion. In this blog, we’ll cover how Control4 provides more value per audio zone within your home, perfect for distributed home audio in your Phoenix, AZ-area home.

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It’s important to note here that comparing Sonos and Control4 is comparing apples to oranges. A Sonos system only handles audio while Control4 is an integrated home automation system that includes a native home audio solution but can also control and automate your home theater equipment, lighting, HVAC, and more.

Multiple Zones

Control4 lets you expand your audio system to different zones of your home by using a multi-room audio solution like the 4-Zone or 8-Zone matrix amplifiers. It’s easy to have your music playing in all the zones of your home or to set different music (or audio) to play in each zone.

Whether your home is large or small, you’ll experience a powerful multi-room music solution that also works alongside the other Control4-enabled products in your home. Control4 allows for multiple audio sources, too—the 4-zone matrix offers 60W of high-quality sound from two digital and four analog input sources in 4 speaker zones; the 8-zone matrix offers 120W of stellar sound from eight analog input sources in 8-speaker output zones. That’s enough to distribute the audio from any source - TV, CD players, turntables, music servers, and any of the built-in streaming solutions.

The Control4 EA5 and EA3 controllers blend audio capabilities with sophisticated smart home control. Not only can you enjoy multiple audio sources, but you can integrate your audio with lights, climate control, automated shades, and more. A Control4 system also lets you enjoy audio from your choice of speakers as well. When you start thinking about a system that covers multiple indoor zones and outdoor ones too, the Control4 value proposition is difficult to beat.

High-Resolution Audio and More

With the latest Control4 OS 3 release, your home audio system from Wipliance can also stream high-resolution sound from Deezer or other streaming services like Tidal, Spotify and Pandora. You can also use When>>Then capability for incredible personalization capabilities plus the ability to create and edit voice control scenes with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Whether you utilize a streaming music service, turntable, CD player, or your personal music collection, a Control4 home audio system lets you control great sound throughout the many music zones of your home with simply a tap of your finger.

Wipliance is just a call away at (480) 771-5500, or you can use our online contact form to get started today on the home audio system of your dreams.

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