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Restauranteurs: 4 Smart Light Techniques You Need to Implement

Learn How Tunable Lighting Paired with a Building Automation System Can Transform the Dining Experience

Restauranteurs: 4 Smart Light Techniques You Need to Implement

One of the most critical elements in restaurant design is lighting. It doesn’t just help diners read menus and servers bus tables; it impacts the experience, food and drink presentation, and your eatery’s reputation. It might even be the sole reason someone decides to stay or leave.

Poor lighting can turn an otherwise impressive restaurant into a cold and clinical environment. If your eatery in Kirkland, WA needs a lighting upgrade, it’s time you discovered the dynamic and energy-efficient capabilities of tunable lighting paired with a building automation system.

Below, explore four smart lighting techniques made possible by Ketra tunable LEDs and lighting automation that are bound to elevate the dining experience in your restaurant.

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Extend Natural Light to Every Corner

If your eatery is open for business in the mornings or afternoons, you should use natural light as much as possible to energize the dining floor while reducing energy use. Natural light creates a pleasant atmosphere, connects your patrons to the outdoors, and brings out the natural colors of your dishes.

Still, some restaurants may not have many large windows for letting in ample natural light to every table. Ketra tunable lighting can remedy this issue by matching the color temperature of sunlight at any time of day, extending natural light anywhere that lacks sun exposure.

Automate Lights to Adjust on Their Own

Don’t waste any more time (or money) manually adjusting lights throughout your restaurant. When your lights are integrated with an automation system, you can create personalized schedules that ensure lights are always on or off when they should be.

Set your Ketra tunable lights to an astronomical timeclock to shift gradually from bright, cool hues in the afternoon to dim, warm hues in the evening. With access to a near-infinite palette of whites and colors, you can get creative with light scenes and automate them to activate on their own at any time.

Make a Lasting Impression with Pops of Color

Speaking of color, break through the boundaries of white light by sparking interest with pops of color throughout your restaurant. Use colors that celebrate your brand, foster camaraderie with local sports teams’ colors, and get festive with coordinated holiday colors. Ketra LEDs present you with a full spectrum of vibrant colors from a single source so you can fine-tune your decorative lighting with ease.

Make Lighting Part of the Experience

Restaurant lighting should be designed and harnessed in such a way that guests don’t notice it as a separate element within their environment but rather as part of the overall dining experience. Ketra’s TruBeam optics generate the highest quality light possible, with uniform color and intensity to place vibrant, balanced light precisely (and only) where you want it.

Ketra tunable lights paired with an intuitive lighting control system present you with unlimited ways to use light to engage and delight your patrons, celebrate your brand, and keep guests dining longer. Using one-tap scenes or automated schedules, you can transform certain areas or the entire dining floor to spark interest, highlight décor, improve safety, and set the mood—instantly.

Ready to bring your restaurant to life with Ketra lighting and automation? Work with the lighting designers at Wipliance. As certified Ketra dealers and commercial automation experts, we can help you create magical dining experiences through technology.

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