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Ring in the New Year with Upgraded Conference Room Systems

Control4 Makes Your Conference Room and Meeting Spaces Shine with Productivity Improvements

Ring in the New Year with Upgraded Conference Room Systems

With a new year comes new goals, and 2020 is no different. Many people make personal resolutions related to health and fitness, but have you ever thought of setting a professional resolution when ringing in a new year?

With Control4’s conference room systems, you can fulfill a resolution of revitalizing productivity in 2020. Streamline your office, retail space, or restaurant by making your business smarter and more efficient. From distributed video to automated climate control and more, your Phoenix, AZ space will shine.

Keep reading to learn where and how Control4 systems can help you achieve new goals for the new year.

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Hotels & Conference Visitors

Hotels can offer guests and conference visitors personalized experiences that are only improved with the addition of Control4 automation systems. In guest rooms, motorized window shades, lights and temperature can all be controlled with the tap of a button on a Control4 remote or on-wall touch screen, enhancing comfort and convenience for guests.

For business guests, conference room systems can improve productivity with easy-to-connect wired and wireless connections to display screens for simple presentations, conference call capabilities, and robust networking solutions.

Modern Office Suite

The modern business setting is built on inter-departmental and cross-departmental collaboration. Why not support your employees’ productivity in the new year by setting your meeting spaces apart from all the rest? When employees can easily connect their mobile devices to the networks and connect laptops wirelessly for quick presentations, valuable meeting time is not wasted and frustration is avoided.

Conference rooms can also be equipped with occupancy sensors tied into your lighting control systems. If no one is in the room, then the lights will turn off automatically, saving on energy usage and increasing your bottom line.

Retail Spaces

The beauty of Control4 is that the automation system works with a variety of products and business solutions. In addition to lighting and temperature mentioned above, security and Control4 can go hand in hand. With a single touch, your business can be secured at the end of a shift. Managers can receive a smart device notification when closing employees arm the security system, and they can also monitor surveillance cameras remotely from their smart device.

If you’re ready to make your Phoenix, AZ conference room, hotel or retail space more productive and convenient, consider Control4 systems. Call us today at (480) 771-5500 or use our online contact form to reach us. We can’t wait to help you make your spaces more productive and convenient for staff and guests alike.

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